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Nontypical Buck
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I love my .280 and it would be perfect choice for your hunt.
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Fork Horn
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I have a rem 280 custom and this thing shoots all the way to 800yds+ and will kill any thing you will shoot in america and shoots very flat this is one cal over looked i reload my rounds and yes amo is hard to fined good luck
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Old 01-14-2012, 01:22 PM
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I could see my .280 Sig being my only rifle. (Love those 700 Mountain Rifles as well). There is so much competition in the 7mm category, the .280 seems to get lost. It is one sweet plum of a caliber.
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Typical Buck
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Ditto to what everybody has said. I've converted my 30/06 to the 280 back in 1973 and have not regretted it. Every deer that I have shot was DRT. A friend of mine uses his Rem 760 pump for Elk using Remington 150gr bullets and has harvested quite a few Elk with it.
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I have had 2 7mags for decades as well as a Rem custom shop 280 I got in the late 90s (and after nearly 20yrs I once again have a 7-08 in the safe). I say all that to say that if you held me down and FORCED me to choose only 1 from the 4 I would take a few mins to think about it because I love my SS stalker 7mag and the RCS 280 nearly equally. If I lived out west and mixed bags were annual I'd probably pick the big 7. BUT that 280 with a full throttle 160TTSX load is just as capable inside of a quarter mile on ANY game in the western Rockies!

My one WY mulie-sagegoat hunt was on a private ranch with alot of driving around and very little walking so I took my big Sako/Lazzeroni for farts n giggles. Had it been a more strenuous hunt without question my choice was going to be the 280!!!

Stick with premium or "enhanced" ammo for the 280 if you dont reload. The plain jane fodder for the 280 is pretty weak as originally the 280 was released in a semi-auto so the pressure was kept quite low! The 280 SHINES with 120-150 grain prem. bullets at full throttle!!!

I cant think of a BETTER lope load than the 120 TTSX over a full tank in the 280! (and it will STILL seal the deal on any mulie)
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Originally Posted by stapher1 View Post
The 280 is flat shooting like a 270 and power like a 30.06. A great cartridge that gets over looked.

Sure sounds like a quote for the 7MM Rem Mag.

"With appropriate loads it can shoot as flat as a .270 or hit large game as hard as a .30-06." CH

280 ammo is a little harder to come by also.
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what cases do you handloaders use on the 280 , can u use 30-06 or 270 or 25-06 cases
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Nontypical Buck
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I prefer to use .280 but I have some 30-06 brass I also use.Bit of a PITA but I got a great deal on a trade for some of my 7x57 cases.
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