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Fork Horn
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Default 7mm-08

Was looking for some input on this calibre. ReLly heard some good things about it. Am I better off with a 7mm.? I would be primarily hunting the woods. Not many large fields.. Looking for a good hunting gun with less recoil than my 300. Any thoughts? if so, which make and models do you guys like?

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Nontypical Buck
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Works for for elk. It's a dandy choice for lotsa things. I've had positive experiences with a variety of makes/models. Remington 700, Savage 11, Weatherby Vanguard, Ruger 77 and others...check 'em out, play with 'em, and you'll wind up fine.
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The 7mm08 is one of four similar cartridges. The 30-06, .270, and 308 are all close to it ballistically.

Of that group, the 7mm08 is the lightest kicking of them. I have a rifle in the 7mm08 caliber, and it is more than capable of taking almost all game animals in North America. The only animal I definately would not go after with this caliber is a grizzly bear. I would not be confident in the gun if things went bad.
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My daughter has a Reminging Model Seven in 7mm-08. It's a sweet caliber that does't kick much at all. Good balistics and deadly results. She was taken whitetail and mule deer with it and has had no issues at all. 140 grain Hornady is what she shoots out of it.

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I just bought a Rem700CDL 7mm-08. Haven't even shot it yet (no optics, a few more paychecks away). I'm hoping good things!
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One of the very best ever.
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A necked down .308 case. Between the .243 and .308, the 7mm-08 is a neat little cartridge. Great for deer and with premium bullets is adequate for elk (not my first choice though). The fact that it's case length fits short actions is another plus. Some good rifles chambered for it are Browning Micro Hunters, Remington Model 7, Savage 11, 14, and 16, and Tikka T3. There are others that I am positive I missed because everyone makes a rifle in the 7-08.
Find one that you like and fits you best and you will be happy.
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If I already owned a .300 (WM), I'd want to get a .270 for my local hunts.

But both the 7MM-08 or the .308 would also work (and so would many "others" for that matter) ??

What else do you own ?

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My sister got a 7mm-08 a couple of years ago for her birthday. It is the Howa Hogue and it shoots real good. We need to get her a better scope but it has done a dang good job on all of the deer she has hit with it and it is very mild on the recoil chart. Good gun for young shooters I like it better than the .243 personally lobs bigger bullets than the .243 and kicks just a little bit more.
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i have a tc prohunter and after a lot of research i went with 7mm08 barrel for my deerhunting. Great caliber, very light recoil, accurate. Shot a buck with it last year at about 100 yards and it dropped where it stood.
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