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Old 03-12-2009, 01:31 PM   #1
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Default 25-06 or 270 WSM

Thinkin of gettin one of these two. I always wanted to get a 25-06, just seemed perfect to me for hunting here in wisconsin; coyotes, fox,deer, possibly bear, andenough gun for somehuntin out west if i get the chance to go, like muleys or pronghorn. The 270 WSMseems nice to me becuase of the short action, and the 270 caliber is a great, proven caliber. Also, that could be used on elk, but it is a little big for coyotes here where i live.I can handload so availiblity isn't really a factor to me. What do all you guys think would be better? This is gonna be my first bolt rifle, i have a win 94, 30-30 now, and probably the only one a buy for a long time so im looking for something to cover a little of everything.
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Default old

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Default RE: 25-06 or 270 WSM

The .270wsm is a magnum if you ask me, at long range it has the energy of 7mm rem mag....300wsm/win mag...etc...500yds that is.

So in that sense I think any of the WSM's are a step up from the .25-06, .270, .30-06 in power...
I like the short beltless case of the WSM's.

You may consider the good ole trusty .270 win, a better all around than the .25-06 IMO.
I think I'd get either of the .270's over the .25-06.

You handload? how about a 6.5mm-284 ?? split the difference between the .25 & .270, great BC...., can load up to 160grs and all the way down to maybe 85grs or something?

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Old 03-12-2009, 06:09 PM   #4
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Default RE: 25-06 or 270 WSM

Yeah if you handload, I would do the 270 WSM out of those two. I think you should also look at 257 Weatherby.

I am in the process of getting my 270 Win, and really it came down to the fact that I use factory loads. If I loaded my own, I think I would have purchased a 257 Weatherby.
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Old 03-12-2009, 07:39 PM   #5
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Default RE: 25-06 or 270 WSM

I'd pick the .270 WSM of those two. But I also will second the .257 Wby. Mine will be here tomorrow if UPS does their part! To be honest, the 257 Wby is probably a little light for an elk cartridge. However, if I were hunting out west for mulies, and I also just HAPPENED to have a cow elk tag in my pocket and the 257 Wby in my hands, and a nice cow elk stepped out at less than 300 yards, well... I'm not going to think twice about drilling a hole in her boiler room with a 115 grain Barnes TSX, as long as the shot's good. I'll bet she dies just as fast as she would have with a 180 grain .30-06. If I were going elk hunting with a bull tag with elk being my "primary target," I'd probably pack the .30-06 with the 257 Wby as my backup rifle.

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Old 03-12-2009, 08:20 PM   #6
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Default RE: 25-06 or 270 WSM

Just get a good old 270 winchester. It will still do the job on any elk or moose or deer as long as you do yours. And ammo will probably be cheaper and more available for a 270 winchester than a 25-06 or a 270 WSM. but if it was absolutey narrowed down to a 25-06 or a 270 WSM i would probably go with a 270 WSM, just cuz i love the 270 caliber.
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Old 03-13-2009, 07:17 AM   #7
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Default RE: 25-06 or 270 WSM

The only advantages the 25-06 would have would be cheaper ammo and less recoil. Otherwise, this is no match-up.
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Default RE: 25-06 or 270 WSM

Out of the 2 you mentioned the 270 wsm would be a better all around gun. My vote would beto meet in the middle with a 270 win. as well.
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Default RE: 25-06 or 270 WSM

270 Win or 270 WSM

You gain a extra 100 yards with the WSM.

I do alot of Moose hunting here with a Pro Hunter in 270 Win........
Jeff in Alaska
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Default RE: 25-06 or 270 WSM

Varmits to deer the 2506 is a great cartridge. If the odd bear hunt arose loaded with a barnes or similar bullet it is more then adequate and with a 3030 in your safe already you could pinch it in here as well. If elk are a real possibilty and bears are more to the norm the 270 may make more sense as an all arounder for your situation. As far as mulies, the 25cal has what is needed for the biggest mule deer and is more then up to the range limits the majority of hunters employ.Fact is 500 yards is outside most hunters comfort zone so while merits are their for a heavier bullet and caliber fordown rangeone must be realistic and truthful with themsleves when assess these merits as they may not apply.

Ihave the 2506 and 270win, both arefine cartridges. For me personally the 270 doesn't really fill a need anymore and if were not for being an heirloom I wouldn't have one. No needed for deer and IMO on the light sized for larger then deer. FWIW I used the 270win to harvest both elk and moose, just prefer a liitle more then the 277 provides.

Best of luck
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