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remington 770

Old 11-18-2007, 12:42 PM
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Default remington 770

anything to say about the remington 770?

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Default RE: remington 770

Look here theres about 20 pages on it.
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Default RE: remington 770

One of my friends got a letterfrom Rem. that they're sending him a new 770 as a replacement for his 710 (bought new in July 2006), which he'd sent back twice in a year. First the bolt was sticky, then it stopped feeding and during a hunt this year and turned into a single shot.

It hasn't arrived yet, but he's got his doubts about therifle, and now so do I.
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Old 11-19-2007, 02:18 PM
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Default RE: remington 770

The 770 is an update to the 710. I was able to handle a 770 at the Bass Pro Outdoor World in Nashville last month. Since I have a 710, I wondered what might be different. Mechanically, the biggest benefit is that the bolt operates more smoothly. The Remington web site mentions an updated magazine release also.

Other than that, the black stock instead of a gray one is the biggest cosmetic difference. Until the last couple of years of production, I believe the 710 had a nylon/plastic insert (mine does) in the receiver instead of being made from all steel. Some folks didn't fancy that idea much, but probably the same types who - I'm sure - thought the end of the world was coming with the advent of synthetic stocks.

If you're like me and don't get the chance to big game hunt but for maybe a dozen days each year, I'm sure it will suit your needs just fine.
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Old 06-04-2011, 07:35 AM
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Default Remington 770

I have spent the last hour reading pros and cons on the Remington 770 in 30.06 cal. I normally do not respond to or write articles but I could not resist this one.
Everyone wants to get on a band wagon and talk about the cost of this rifle. It is less expensive than some but that does not make it a bad gun. It is true that you normally get what you pay for but the real question to ask is what do you really need verses what you 'think' you need. Not everyone drives a Mercedes but that doesn't make a Toyota neccessarily a bad car either.
The main concern on this gun is whether it will shoot the bullet and the answer has to be yes it will. It may not be as smooth or as fast on the action but your not paying for that type of option. As a law enforment officer for 34 years and a tactical weapons trainer including being a Sniper Instructor, the gun will perform acceptable giving its limited options it has which can be enhanced with upgraded products which most guns require anyway. The only difference is the initial cost. I personally own a 770 30.06 with the factory synthetic OD green composite stalk and have upgraded the scope to a 8-32X56 tactical scope (again my choice), harris bi-pod, and some polishing of the bolt. With my shooting capablities and the upgraded equipment, the gun shoots as accurate as my 700 BDL and at half the cost. It is not my 'duty' gun but neither is my 700. Again my choice and has nothing to do with the quality of the gun.
So when you want to make comparision comments and give negative feedback, then compare apple to apples and not a Toyota to a Mercedes. Also state what your actual need or objective is and and see if you could ever get that with the options that the gun is capable of providing......
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If you want to use a cheap rifle a few days a year, then buy a junky low priced 770! If you want a rifle that has a lot of cheap plastic parts that replaced steel where steel should be and has a bolt that might break at any time like many have experienced, then buy a 770. If you want a reliable gun that will function properly time after time over many years of service, then go up in price and buy a decent Savage or something similar. Plain and simple fact is that the 770 is a cheap piece of garbage that still has the old Walker trigger assembly that has caused many accidents over many years. This model is made so cheaply that it can't even be replaced with an aftermarket trigger, but it's cheap to produce and why Remington still puts it in that model! They should be ashamed to put their name on it!!!

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I wonder if yall realized this thread is 3 1/2 years old?
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So what! They're still putting that garbage out in the stores as I type this!!! People that are just getting into the sport need to be updated on the good and bad stuff out in the maketplace and I'm just doing my part, LOL!!!
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Only thing i got to say about a Remington 770 is its a POS and most of the internal parts insaide the bolt are plastic which in time will break. IMO get a used 700 or a Savage 110 or a Marlin XL7.
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Definitely not the best rifle out there!
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