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Hunting with the Scorpyd

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Hunting with the Scorpyd

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Default Hunting with the Scorpyd

I finally had some success this year with my Scorpyd RDT 125. This is the second year of hunting with this crossbow. I took a doe on 11/6/12 and an 8-point on 11/7/12.

While I believe this is one of the most advanced design crossbows on the market it does have some issues. I have had problems with the anti-dry fire trigger mechanism in particular. It functions as designed but has caused me to miss shot opportunities.

There have been multiple times when the bolt moved slightly forward in the barrel far enough to lose contact with the string but not far enough to be easily noticed until it was too late. The bow will not fire when this happens. The only way to get the bow to fire after this has happened is to remove the bolt, attach the cocking rope and re-cock the bow. In the meantime any self respecting deer will be long gone. This has happened often enough that I find myself constantly checking the bolt to make sure it is properly seated. Extra movement while on stand that shouldn't be necessary.

I have also had a problem with the safe being too easy to move into the fire position while carrying the bow slung over my shoulder and not loaded. This has also caused the anti-dry fire mechanism to make it impossible to shoot the bow. I assume the trigger was also pulled somehow while slung over my shoulder. Incidentally, this bow is heavy enough that using a sling is almost mandatory. Walking through thick brush on the way to my stand or wearing bulky hunting clothing apparently caused the trigger to be pulled while the safe was in the fire position but unloaded. Same result: missed shot opportunities because the bow will not fire until re-cocked. I cured that problem by putting a rubber band around the safe knobs from one side to the other and through the cocking rope groove. I obviously have to remove the rubber band before I can shoot but at least I no longer have worry about the anti-dry fire mechanism engaging and making the bow unshootable.

I hope Scorpyd has addressed these issues in their latest models because these can be an extremely frustrating, real world situations with an otherwise high quality product.
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I have a 125, 165 and a 150 Vent. I went and looked at them and the 125 and the 150 both have safeties that protrude but the 165 lines up with the stock and does not protrude. Call Jim and see if he can help you on that.
As far as your arrow issue goes try giving the arrow retainer more downwards tension or get some capture nocks.
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