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Broad Heads

Old 07-10-2008, 08:57 PM
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Default Broad Heads

What type of broadheads do you guys use out of your crossbows?
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Default RE: Broad Heads

slick trick 100 gr magnum
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Default RE: Broad Heads

rockett steelhead 100 & slick trick 100
steelhead for tick toters and slicks for anything i want to hunt
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Default RE: Broad Heads

this year it'll be 85gr thunderheads(alumin arrows)and 125gr spitfires(carbon arrows), I did enough experimenting that I finally got the 125gr thunderheads I WAS using to fly fairly consistant and with more than exceptable accuracy, but only under ideal conditions, they're still a little too unpredicable for my taste(especially in the wind)and not something I'm willing to trust a shot to, especially when theres so much better out there to use...
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Default RE: Broad Heads

Talking to the guy at a local archery shop today and asking the same question he said to use the biggest cutting diameter 125 gr mechanical broadheads you can find.
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Default RE: Broad Heads

Used Muzzy for a long time and had great luck. Two seasons ago I decided to take care of my long desire to use mechs and have had no problems with Tekan II's. But I still think about a simple fixed blade from time to time.

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Default RE: Broad Heads

I use slick trick 100's. everything they say on their website is accurate. i was trying to tune arrows forever. i know guys that actually change their sights to accomodate the b.s. way their broadheads fly. i shot mechanicals to avoid all that but i had a lot of trouble with them. i read about the slicktricks on another forum for xbows and decided to try them. i bought 6 of them and put them on the bolts/arrows (technically, by definition, a bolt has no vanes), and shot all 6 of them. i rated them 1-6 for accuracy to the bullseye, #1 being the most accurate. i made a small mark on the vane to note the rating. i use #1 until i shoot it. then i will load it with #2 until i use it, and so-on. i have found that even the #5 and #6 are far more accurate than other broadheads i used in the past. you could probably try switching the 4, 5, and 6 to another arrow and see if the combination is better suited. i am very picky with what i shot though, so the #1 lasts quite a while.

they are accurate as can be, and the 1" swath does UNIMAGINEABLE damage! the broad head is really small so it does not catch a lot of wind to move it off its path. it is also very short, so the angle is really drastic. the exit wound on the first deer i shot with it looked like it had been shot with a slug gun. no kidding. try these one time and your search is over.
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Default RE: Broad Heads

MUZZY 100 gr 3 blade.
Got some slicks I'll try this fall.

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Default RE: Broad Heads

most here know more than me on crossbows.

the points i likeare the SPITFIRES.

i like it because you get practice inserts to use.we all use spitfies in their compound bows.

i see a lot of slicktricks at range also.

i always liked the fixed point heads all my life because i could take shot at angle and it worked.

if you use mechincal points, my opinion dont take a shot unless the buck is broadside.

as accurate as crossbow is,i feel a fix point should be used and no shots over 30 yds.

on compound bow oneida eagle, i like mechincal point.

i also used spitfire on recurve #50 matin hunter,black widow,bear kodiack .
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Default RE: Broad Heads

I don't care what broadhead I use as long as it's a NAP Spitfire in either 100 or 170 grain all stainless. Been using NAP Spitfires and Scorpions (lots of success with deer kills) with Blazer vanes long enough to know they are not problematic expandable heads. My Desert Stryker will put them virtually in the same hole as a field point at 70 yards.

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