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Nuge Meltdown..

Old 08-25-2007, 10:57 AM
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Default Nuge Meltdown..

Watching the idiot box this AM and saw nuge take a 75 yard shot at an Axis buck. He was shooting a compund instinctively and said the shot might have been further than that.
His mystical flight of the arrow missed by at least 18 inches and he was just so proud of himself but I was just plain stunned.It's an embarrassment to ethical hunters. Geez..
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Default RE: Nuge Meltdown..

I know what you mean. That's bullshirt. And I am sure everyone here agrees, and is on the same page.

I was watching a show last week where a guy was trying to shoot Canadian geese with a longbow while they where flying.

He shot several times.
On one of the shots the goose noticeably moved from (what looked like) an impact in the air.

The guy was jumping all over the place laughing &hollered,
"oh Yea! passthrough!" But the goose kept flying on with the rest of the flock.

He retrieved the arrow and said, "no blood". But it looked to me like there could have been feathers and blood on it. (I'm not positive.)

Then after several more unsuccessful attempts, he finally hit one and brought it down.

He pointed and said, "he's a floppin' there!" With an ear to ear grin.

I realize he was just trying to make a next to impossible shot.
But that's the whole point!!

You don't take that kind of shot. (At least I wouldn't, or anyone else I hunt with or know.)

Fortunately, they did not show this. The camera started to pan to the goose, then abrubtly jumped to a new frame. I'm sure the cameraman did this deliberately or it was edited, so not to show the suffering goose.

They also panned the camera awaywhen he retrievedthe arrow from the supposed "passthrough". It only showed the arrow for a fraction of a second. So you couldn't get a good look at it!

What in the hell is wrong with some people? Especially someone who is lucky enough to be endorsed, get all their expensive, top of the line gear free (and probably their vehicles),and is supposed to be setting a positive, ethicalexample for all other hunters, as well as the younger hunters to be!

I remember when I was real young and always watched the hunting and fishing shows on TV sat. & sun.
They would never air something as immoral, unethical, and as horrendous as this.

What are these morons teaching the younger generation about hunting ethics and a quick clean kill? Sad... Sad... Sad...

~ chris
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Old 08-25-2007, 12:16 PM
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Default RE: Nuge Meltdown..

John, I completely agree with how you feel and that show is getting retarded as time goes on. I do not care to see that baffoon run around like an idot any longer.
Buckhunter, any dedicated waterfowler has to accept that there will be birds hit with a pellet or two and be lost(I have probably taken over a thousand ducks and geese). It happens, but not frequently to see an animal flinch, loose a feather or two and fly off with his group. The cause of it is the shotgun and how it works but it's really the only tool given to us waterfowlers. Shooting birds with a bow is both traditional and accepted. HOWEVER, it makes no sense to me to whack away at these big fast birds at the distances that opportunity affords with a bow and arrow when you have a more efficient tool like a good shotgun and load. Yes I agree that it is unethical, selfserving and counterproductive. I am glad I did not see it becasue I too would have been as angry as you!
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Default RE: Nuge Meltdown..

I didnt see either show but I agree with both of you. You would think the sponsors would step in and say hey that craps not going to fly. I remember watching the hunting shows when I was growing up in Mississippi and didnt see crap like that. I will always remember Archie Phillips on Saturdays and watching him squirrel hunt. I would go into the woods and try to do what he did. I think that probably contributed to me hunting and my hunting ethics more than anything.
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Old 08-25-2007, 06:25 PM
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Default RE: Nuge Meltdown..

Its gotten to be a sad thing with these videos and record book game seekers. I like a good rack as well as anyone but i have let several book Bucks walk. Not a clean killing shot,i don't want to cripple one. I am not motivated fer records but i do enjoy good eating! If you use a Bow of any kind there is a max range limit and it ain't 50 yds. and yonder![&o]
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Default RE: Nuge Meltdown..

I'll probably get flamed for this but...

outside the perfect world of the tv hunting shows and internet message boards that style of hunting is pretty common place, I actually think its kind of refreshing to see some of these shows take on a diferent air than the fake procedures that EVERY hunting show on tv today follows...

I like watchinghunting shows, butjust for the hunting aspect of it, not at all for the people or their way of doing it... if I see one more fake emotional outburst, one more high five, big hug, ass grabbin yer buddy in this big put-on act of comradery and accomplishmentI think I'm going to puke, that just makes me want to instantly turn the channel when I see it...

another thing thats just my own opinon, and not that I condone wounding any animal, but it happens more in the reality of everyday hunting than people care admit and it seems to be highly selective in the animal world which ones are"upperclass"enough to be deserving of a quick and painless death, and which ones its "ok" to dispose of in whatever fashion comes about...
I hardly ever hear anyone complain that a prairie dog crawls back into his hole, wounded, to die a slow death, or that a coyote lays out in the freezing cold to die of being gut shot, or that a squirrel or rabbit crawls into a hole, wounded, after being hit on the run by a "chance" shot, or that a crow flys off wonded to die, and how many fish does a bowfisherman wound and leave to die on an outing?
the list could go on for a very long time...

when looking at the big picture I highly doubt that theres anyone here who isnt guilty of any number of what some would call "unethical" hunting practices

but again, this is just my own personal opinion...

as far asTed Nuggent goes... I used to like himalot more than I do now, hes always been outspoken but years ago it seemed he was doing it for a cause and because thats the way he was, it may have beena littleextreme but you could relate to his outlook and what he was saying, but anymore it seems hes doing it just because its now expected of him to be that way, its like the mouth is still there but the "fire" is gone and it seems he's steadily losing touch with reality...
he isnt 100% gone though and out of all of them I probablylike watching him more than any other hunting show on tv, sometimes...

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Default RE: Nuge Meltdown..

I used to like Ted, and sometimes I still do. But most of the time he takes two steps forward and then three back. He does some great things but then he does stuff like you talk of and he looses ground.I have also seen the show with the guy shooting traditional at the geese. He too is a idiot that thinks he is the great white hunter. Cant remember his name but I know when his show comes on cause he is very loud and overly active. I am sure he is a great hunter but he does nothing for me either.
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Default RE: Nuge Meltdown..

i agree also..
he showed up here in our area to talk about hunting and wanted 25 dollars to see him..
people were lined up outside....

he acts strange to me and i turn channel when i see him..
some of comments he made about hillary clinton was disgusting..

i am republican and dont like that guy acting like he represents us..
i got news for him, we are backing hillary clinton bigtime in our area,so he better get used to dealing with her..

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Default RE: Nuge Meltdown..

I'm just glad he wasn't using a crossbow.
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Default RE: Nuge Meltdown..

I saw ted take that shot also and just about fell out of my chair! That deer was wwwwwaaaayyyyyyy out there!

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Quick Reply: Nuge Meltdown..

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