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Cooking Rabbits !

Old 01-04-2004, 05:14 PM
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Default Cooking Rabbits !

Last night my son and I BBQ a rabbit.The tenderloins and back straps were so tasty, but the hind legs were tough. Can anyone please tell us a better way to cook them. Thanx, Steve/Brandon.
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Default RE: Cooking Rabbits !

I normally fry rabbits or can them. I love rabbit gravy.
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Default RE: Cooking Rabbits !

How about "low and slow"? Cut the whole rabbit into bitesize pieces, put together with your favourite veggies in a slow cooker, a can of stewed tomatoes. Add all ingredients to your cooker and cook oon low for 12 to 14 hours. The meat will fall off the bones. Stir in a can of beef gravy afterwards, stir to thicken, You`re in heaven.

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Default RE: Cooking Rabbits !

I roll them in seasoned flour and them brown in bacon grease or olive oil and put them in a slow cooker for 3-4 hours with a can or cream of mushroom soup and sliced onion. Leg meat will fall off the bone when done.
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Default RE: Cooking Rabbits !

same as with an old squirrel. flour lightly brown in skillett with bacon grease till brown,throw in pressure cooker with an onion,carrot,and cook till tender,add flour for gravey and homemade biscuts and go crazy.
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Default [Deleted]

[Deleted by Admins]
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Default RE: Cooking Rabbits !

Try a pressure cooker.
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Default RE: Cooking Rabbits !

usually fried in a skillet on medium heat like chicken....
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Default RE: Cooking Rabbits !

I use this method for squirrels and rabbits season flour with season all,garlic powder,salt,pepper and old bay seafood seasoning .cut the meat up in serving size pieces and dredge in the flour .heat several table spoons of oil in a heavy skillet and brown the meat well .turn down the heat and add enough water to go 1/3 the way up the meat cover the meat tightly and simmer for 1to 1 ½ hrs(depending on the size of the animal)turning the meat and adding water as needed after the meat is cooked remove meat and add a couple spoons full of flour to the drippings mix with water and bring to a full boil to make gravy.good stuff meat will be fall off the bone tender
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Default RE: Cooking Rabbits !

a buffalo wings sauce and then you grill 'em!
the legs will always be more tough than the back but that is cause they are used more.
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Quick Reply: Cooking Rabbits !

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