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Skinned Turkey Suggestions

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Default Skinned Turkey Suggestions

Due to not having time to pluck my most recent bird, I quickly skinned it out and got it into the freezer. Whats the best way to cook this bird with it being skinned, rather than plucked. I've always plucked both my wild turkeys and all the ones I raised as well. First time skinning one. It was allot easier and quicker, but I'm not sure what the best way to cook it is now.
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Wild Turkeys are dry to begin with compared to domestic birds. I think removing the legs, wings back and breast from the bird and putting the pieces in a stock pot bones and all, along with salt pepper and some onion carrot and celery and simmering it slowly and making a good stock, then taking the meat off the bones and putting together some turkey noodle soup would be a good way to use all that bird. You could freeze some for later use.
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Grind it into turkey burger. Thats what I do with any turkey I shoot.
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I got this recipe fro a fellow Huntingnet member. It was very good with wild turkey breasts.
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I plucked a turkey once. Only once. Never again!!

I breast them and chuck the rest. Legs are full of needle bones.

To the OP. I suggest breasting it. Otherwise, cover the exposed meat with bacon and bake it.
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Brown it in skillet 1/2 cup of diced onion, then cook in a pressure cooker, 60mins, with some liquid smoke and a bit of salt & pepper to taste. Shred with a fork when done.

This is good for the legs, and neck (if not too blood shot). I add the heart and gizzard too. Dress with a bit of your favorite bbq sauce and enjoy.
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Wall Mart sells flavor injectors, one is only $4.98.

You can mix any flavors you want and inject in the bird. I melt butter add a bit of garlic I mince inject in the breast in 4 different places and the thighs and drum sticks. Put in a micro wave bag and cook per the instructions that came with the micro wave I do mine about 8 minutes a pound. I then place it in the oven and bake for about a minute a pound to brown.

Also if you just like the white breast meat you can do about the same method.

Never chuck the rest of the bird if you just do the breast, you can slow cook the rest till the meat falls off the bone then serve it over rice or grind into a spreadable lunch meat.
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Chunk it up about the size of a chicken nuget flour and season (salt,pepper and a little something for just a little spice) and deep fry for 2 to 2 1/2 minutes/ fryer full. Delicious!
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use oven bag
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If you do the whole Bird I would put it into a cooking bag,Quarter a Apple&Quarter a Onion place them in breast cavity, And Three Strips of bacon on top of breast.
If just doing breast I remove meat, put breast halves in a crock pot with a can of cranberry sauce,, Along with white and wild rice(be sure to add liquid) Add rice 3/4 the way thru cooking., It's awsome this way.

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