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Who eats the hearts?

Old 11-10-2013, 02:40 PM
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Default Who eats the hearts?

I have been eating deer hearts and livers for many years and most people that I run into do not eat the hearts.I find them to be tender and very tasting when lightly floured and fried. How bout you.
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I'm going to try the heart this season, it will be the first time. I won't eat the liver at all.
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liver is an acquired taste, but try the heart I love it !
Thanks for the post .
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I can't eat the hearts, they always have a hole in them:-) OK, I tried them, but they are not for me. My family eats the heart out of moose and elk, but never deer. They also eat the liver and tongue, but again, never out of deer
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Used to eat the hearts all the time unless I put an arrow or bullet through them. Then with the whole CWD thing up here, it was recommended to not eat these so we stopped. But boy, they were great! Used to boil it until cooked, then slice it thin and fry with onions and butter. Liver was OK, but not the greatest - but then again I don't go too much for beef liver either.
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I eat the deer heart and the liver. Nothing better than liver and onions, and with rest make liver pate'. With the heart, I take it and boil it, cut thin and put it in a large jar with pickling solution and a dozen or so hard boiled eggs. It than sets till superbowl sunday when it gets devoured by all. Great stuff.
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I think Im gonna try the heart from my next deer. I never have and dont really know anyone who has but its worth a shot.
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We have always used both the heart and the liver. Normally the liver is eaten the same night the animal is taken. Flour and fry it up with a lot of onions, take it out of the pan, scrape up the bits of fried flour, stir in a little more flour if needed and then put a little milk in the pan to make some sawmill gravy to top it with. It is a tradition with the crew I hunt with.

For the heart we clean and trim the top of it, slice it about 1/2 and inch thick, roll it in flour seasoned with a little salt and pepper and fry it. I like it with eggs for breakfast. I've also eaten the tongue but really didn't care for it with onc exception: buffalo tongue is superb.
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