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Cooking/Eating Weird Things

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Default Cooking/Eating Weird Things

I'm working to get a new magazine called Cooking Wild-Hunt,Fish,Forage, Feast off and running and we're looking for articles/ideas/recipes for a section called "You Eat That?" Our first issue is going to feature Geoduck and is due out soon.

I need help for the next issues! Anyone have any great recipes for mountain lion, beaver, or other things that the public generally doesn't think people eat but in reality taste great?

Thanks All!

Sarah Swenty
Associate Editor
Cooking Wild Magazine
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Not one to waste meat, my dad and I ate a handful of muskrats back when we had to keep them out of our pond.

Pressure cook them, fry them up like squirrels, and make gravy. Not a rare recipe, just a rare critter to put in it!

I'm ready to get that magazine-

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Jellied Moose Nose
1 upper jawbone of a moose
1 onion sliced
1 clove of garlic, chopped
1 Tbs. pickling spice
1 tsp. salt
tsp. black pepper
cup vinegar

Cut the upper jawbone just below the eyes. Place in a large kettle of scalding water and boil for 45 minutes.
Remove and chill in cold water. Pull out all hairs, they should have loosened and pull out easily. Wash thoroughly until no hair remains.
Place in a kettle with fresh water; add onion, garlic, spices, and vinegar.
Bring to a boil and cook until tender. Let cool overnight in the liquid.
When cool, take the meat out of the broth, remove and discard bones and cartilage. You will have two kinds of meat, white meat from the bulb of the nose and thin strips of dark meat from along the bones and jowls.
Slice the meat thinly and alternate layers of white and dark meat in a loaf pan.
Reheat the broth to boiling, then pour broth over the meat in the loaf pan.
Let cool until jelly is set. Slice and serve cold
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why would anyone not eat a geoduck
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My wife once fixed Pickled Bluegills..basically raw was ok
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I was taught don't shoot it if you don't intend to eat it.
So growing up crows were safe from my gun, pigeons weren't , woodcucks were fair game (younger ones are decent tablefair) beavers (delicious), wild duck & goose hearts,livers and gizzards were save and cooked.
I've had brains, liver,kidneys,eyeballs,sweetbreads,blood pancakes and sausage etc etc. I think boils down to here in the U.S. we've been spoiled with an abundance of food and the average person doesn't have that "poor" background were lower cuts of meat never hit the family table.
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How are you doing with the magazine, LucySarahLynn? Would like to contribute if you are still there.
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Steamed Cow Head, It is the best beef on a cow. About 3 different flavors of meat, all meat is super tender and really weird texture to some of the parts. But it is 100% edible and very good. I think my favorite part was the meat around the eye, a strong beef flavor very tender. is offline  
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When I trapped as a kid I put a M'rat on a stick over a fire and roasted it. Wasn't bad at all. Guess it depends on how clean the water is.
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I'm not much for eating strange things. My brother will go to Jungle Jims in Ohio and buy odd meat from time to time. He has tried Camel, Ostrich, Rattlesnake to name a few.
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