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What i need to make jerky

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Default What i need to make jerky

Ok i think i am going to do my own processing on my deer this year. It costs around 200 for the butcher shop to make my deer into jerky. I have just field dressed them before and then dropped them off. A friend is going to get a doe for some meat next year and i usually get a deer a year and may look into getting more once i get the hang of processing it. i was wondering what i would need to make my own jerky. I have been thinking of getting a vid to help out with the cutting of the deer even though i think i know what i have to do pretty well. i believe we have a older round dehydrator that is pry 7-8 years old i have no idea if it will work for this or not. i do believe we have an electric meat slicer so that will help. is it better to dehydrate it or get one of those 3 rack over racks and do it in the oven? most (almost all of it) will be jerky, hot rodz(thats what my butcher shop called them anyways not sure how to make them so help with them is appreciated also) my family isnt too big on deer for some reason and i havent had much of a chance to try it really. i wasnt too thrilled with the jerky/hotrods this year but 2 years ago they did a great job on it. also what would you guys reccomend for trying pre mixed seasonings? i have seen a lot of different brands out there and maybe thought of getting a big variety pack and trying that and maybe do a little experimenting on my own (with your help of course lol). i pry need a grinder too correct. i have seen a #32 manual grinder for about 50 here locally would that work well?(250+ electrics areout ofmy price range) so far i figure i need an oven rack, manual grinder, jerky shooter (w/e you want to call those things). i have never done this before so basically i need all the help i can get with everything lol. Also opening of the season is about 2 weeks away (kind of snuck up on me this year as i have just gotten new binos, and have a spotting scope and range finder on there way lol) i will not be doing too many deer a year pry around 2 or so.
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Default RE: What i need to make jerky

When i do it, I let the butcher do the cuts as normal I ask him to use the trimmings for Hamburger or sausage. When I get it I take what I want to use for jerky and cut it into the strips that I want. I do not use a grinder. I do use my meat slicer to cut the thickness that I want.
I suggest that you test the dehydrator first on somthing like apple slices or even a cut up steak. If it dont work not much wasted. I have one that has 7 trays but thats too many. I only load 4 and I rotate the trays almost every hr.bottom to top. You also have windows to allow moisture to excape. I start these wide open and slowly close them over a 24hr time. If you see steam collecting on the top open it back up. Do this till there is no steam on the top.
Number one thing. Trim ALL fat off the meat. What do I mean? All means all, and thats what all means. Fat will cause the meat do go bad and there is nothing worse than eating bad jerky.
Premix, never use it. I also go very light on any salt item. I use a steak sauce that I order, spices that I like the taste of. I cut the mix with some water and then taste. If its weak I add spices till its the taste I like.
I add the meat to the sauce and let it soak for 24hrs then load it on the trays. I give the meat room to cook, not over laped. Do not add dry spices to the meat, bad news trust me.
If you do a search you will find several different ideas on what to use.
I cook mine till its crisp. Soft leaves room to spoil. Last I place it in a vacume bag and its ready to put in the freezer.
You will find that you try different spices or change someones season mix to fit your taste.
Good luck and let us know how it turns out. Dont skip on time.
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Default RE: What i need to make jerky

do a search on jerky and you will find several different is mine.
I have started to use one of those shooters now since jaw surgery.can't chew the reg. stuff.I soak the meat first then grind it and run it through the shooter.put it in the dehydrator or oven till it get to the dryness I like.I like it a tad moist. then put it in the vacume bags (it want spoil with my reciept).I can fill my dehydrater full and it is gone before I can vacume it. only a few days.

as who said , remove all fat , that means "All" or it will go bad quick.

three lbs. venison , or beef ,3/8" thick , remove "all fat".
you can double this with 6 lbs. very easy and works great
1/2 cup soy sauce
1/2 cup worchestershire
2 tsp. accent
2 tsp season salt
2/3 tsp garlic powder
2 tsp onion powder
2/3 tsp black pepper
1/2 cup honey

mix till desolved,some will not completely meat in glass or stainless bowl , cover with mixture,leave in fridge overnight or two.

after marinated , place on racks and dehydrate till it is to the dryness you like.........a little on the soft side is my favorite
here's mine.

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