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Sit or Stand?

Old 03-15-2005, 12:05 PM
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Default RE: Sit or Stand?

I do both but on average i sit more than stand. The problem for me is not having a bow holder on my stand & after awhile the wrist gets sore.............................I keep forgetting to get one.
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Default RE: Sit or Stand?

I sit, I've never had a problem standing up after I've spotted the deer. I also always hunt at 20ft or higher, which helps with the movement.
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Default RE: Sit or Stand?

i stand most of the time and sit when i get tired
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Default RE: Sit or Stand?

First let me state I hunt where herds come through and they can show up all the time. I believe in the fact that they eat every 4 hours.

Like others have said I always stand first and last hour. To save my arm the weight of the bow, I hunt with an Oneida. The bottom limb slips comfortably into my front pocket if I want to be in the ready to shoot a deer. I put it in my lower leg pocket if i want to be at a rest position. That allows me to cross my hands over the upper bow and keep them warm. I hate wearing gloves. I still can slip to the ready very easily or sit back down with the bow still in the leg pocket. I hate my bibs because they don't have that pocket and I have been thinking about adding one.

Here is my advice on when and how to move. I believe you need to be high in a tree. The higher the better. Deer do look up. Nothing is worst to have a big boy coming in with litlle ones below bust you. Second, alwasy practice grunting in a buck even if you don't want to shoot him. This helps to you gain the effective range of your grunt, not to mention your technique. Last, don't be afraid to move 30,40 50+ yards if you see deer moving on another trail. This is a must if you see Does during the rut being chased by a few bucks. Chances are good another horny one will follow with in 30-50 mins. If you don't move you will just watch. Even if it's not during the rut, don't be afraid to move. You can slide down a tree and get up another one very qiutely if your good. You'll make no more noise then anything else in the woods but you won't just watch them walk buy.

Good luck
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Default RE: Sit or Stand?

feildmouse makes good points.

i almost always shoot standing however i always sit in stand until i see the deer coming
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Default RE: Sit or Stand?

I try & hang my stands so the deer will come in on my left & I can shoot from a seated position. Doesn't always work out right & I stand if I see them coming in the wrong way.
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Default RE: Sit or Stand?

Both, I stand almost all morning. Then in the afternoon/evening I'll sit until deer thirty, then stand!
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Default RE: Sit or Stand?

I do a little of both. However, I will stand for awhile right after dawn and usually about an hour before dusk. Or, if the action seems to be hot I'll stand, then sit when everything seems to be calm.
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Default RE: Sit or Stand?

I sit 85% of the time and usually on stand up to stretch. I'm wicked scared of heights. I always shoot sitting because the first time I went to take a shot at a deer I almost feel out of the stand because of the heights thing.
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Default RE: Sit or Stand?

Most often I will be standing. I have this strange habit when sitting early in the morning. The sun starts to cook off the morning chill and my eyes start to close and that's not good, even with a harness on.[:-] I'll stand until the about 10 and then sit a bit. Nothing wakes me up faster than a momentary nodd off.
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