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Default No-Peep

Just wondered who shoots a no-peep and what you like or dislike about it. I do not like the a peep at all. Maybe ready for a change. What do you think. (esp.doublecreek)
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Default RE: No-Peep

I still use my peep site with the no-peep. I use my no-peep as a reference check to make sure my form is constant. One of these days I will take my peep off and just try it with the no-peep.
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Default RE: No-Peep

I have the No-Peep set up on both my bows
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Default RE: No-Peep

I use a no-peep alone without a peep on the string. Things I don't like about it include having to look around the string instead of through, and not cheating by moving your head, or adjusting your grip in order to get things to line up instead of adjusting your anchor (it's easy to do).

That said there are too many good things about it to ever go back to a peep. After using it for a few years, I tried to put a peep back on along with the no-peep. Needless to say I didn't like it.
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Default RE: No-Peep

No peep you say? I couldn't agree more, none required. Try this link and scroll down...
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Default RE: No-Peep

I put on before this past season and don't think I will ever switch back. It forces you to hit the same anchor everytime or else the no-peep will not line up. But like others have said that may cause you to adjust your grip rather than your anchor. Another positive about is it use in low light conditions. That thing lights up pretty well at dusk and dawn. Much much easier to see that looking through a small peep sight.
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Default RE: No-Peep

I shot a peep site for 23 years on my bow and thought it was the greatest thing in the world until I discovered the No-Peep. Off came the peep site and now I shoot much tighter groups (robin hooded 5 arrow already) using the No-Peep. I hunt from a treestand and always had to aim low because of my form I was told but with the No-Peep I aim right where I want to hit. It corrected my form and made me a better shooter. One thing to keep in mind though, If you get one and have it set up make sure you are not torqueing your bow and your form is good and then adjust the No-Peep according to the instructions....Happy Hunting
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Default RE: No-Peep

I just started shooting and had my bow set up this weekend. Guy at the shop gave me the pro's & con's of using one & I decided not to. Shooting fine so far , quite good actually from a 12yr layoff.
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Default RE: No-Peep

That is always an option. Since we both hunt primarily from treestands, our anchor points are extremely critical. Things change quite a bit once your 25ft up that tree. I like the satisfaction of knowing my peep will ensure that I anchor consistently shot after shot. And like someone else said, the no peep will allow you to cheap by changing grip, etc.

Many people swear by the no peep, personally it is just something else to fool with during the moment of truth. Try, see for yourself.

Also, I don't see any of the top money winning pros fooling around with a no peep. They trust their lively hood with the peep sight, that's enough for me.
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Default RE: No-Peep

I have a peep that has the rubber tubing. At the very least I am going to switch to one that has no tubing. I may just go for it and get the no peep.
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Quick Reply: No-Peep

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