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Needing to vent

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Needing to vent

Old 10-02-2004, 07:06 PM
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Default Needing to vent


Thanks lol.

I spent days watching the patterns of a 8 point that is moving on my land. Finally today I was ready for him. I penned up the dogs and got out there 3 hours before he normally comes through this little opening. Before that I sat in the stand from 0700 to 1530.
As expected he started it. Everything was looking great. He came in about 90 yards away and started moving in on me. I worked him for a little while. He kept on his path... 80 yards... 60 yards... 50 yards... At this point Im so excited I can barely see anything except him. 10-15 more yards and he's mine! Then, out of a brush pile about 10 yards from him, my dogs jump out barking and chasing him. I was so mad I almost shot them lol. He took off (very beautiful buck). I threw rocks at the dogs till they left. This was at 1900. About 10 minutes later I was able to call him back in. He came back in about 80 yards from me but made a large circle around where the dogs where. It ended up too dark to take a shot before I could get him in close enough. I know this isnt a great trophy buck to write home about, but I hunt for food and this is my first year with a bow. I have passed on many does hoping to get a shot at this guy. I was really looking forward to taking home my first bow hunted buck. Atleast I didnt scare him off and didnt jump him the second time in. I waited till he left the field and walked out in the dark. Maybe Ill get another shot at him. I sure hope so. Thanks for letting me vent. My dogs will be chained now lol. Ive tried a pen and they dug out today. Even hotwire around the pen didnt stop em.

Hope you all had better luck today lol. Atleast I got to see him well though. Must be doing something right to get him in twice in a evening.

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Old 10-02-2004, 07:10 PM
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Default RE: Needing to vent

My dogs basically do the same thing. About everytime I go out, they wait til we are out far and then they go to us. One time me and my papa was out in the stand and here came the dogs . Made me mad cuz I thought A deer was actually comming. LOL
But they are just dogs. Not the smartest animal in the woods

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Default RE: Needing to vent

Crate your dogs, they cannot get out.
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