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going to start WB support group

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going to start WB support group

Old 10-01-2004, 09:19 AM
Fork Horn
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Default going to start WB support group

I think I am going to start a WB support group for all those that like the rest but can not get it tuned. Then I am going to start an arrow fletching business to repair all those vanes and feathers that get ruined. I should be wealthy by Christmas.

I just can not get my WB tuned. Just had three arrows refletched last week and put feathers on this time. After about 100 shots they are TORE UP! [:@] Since I put the feathers on my arrows I can not seem to clear the cables when I draw. Just the slightest amount of torque on the draw and they drag back against the cable. My cable guard is adjusted out as far as it will go. I have adjusted the knock alignment, however, the only way to get total clearance requires a feather to go through the black support wiskers on the bottom of the B2. I have noticed that the most extensive damage occurs on one feather more than the other 2. Any advice or suggestions?

If there are any WB shooters in the Houston Texas metro area that knows the in and outs of properly tuning a bisquit, give me a shout. I would like to meet up and get some help with this blasted thing!!!!

Don't get me wrong, I like the concept and want to continue using it. (At least thruogh this season, to late to change now). Especially after reading that many of you are successful at tuning it.

Good luck to all of those whos season begings on 10/02!
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Old 10-01-2004, 11:22 AM
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Default RE: going to start WB support group

You could add a sims teflon cable slide and that might give you a little more cable clearance. Have checked to see if your arrows are undespinned. When my WB was out of tune my arrows were fishtailing and minnowing. If you are using a 100 gr tip try a 85 gr tip or lower your draw weight or move up to more spinned arrow.. Its kind of a trial and error thing. Eastons tuning guide helped me out. Even when my WB was'nt tuned well I was still robinhooding arrows so you do get some forgiveness. I went with the B2 this year and that helped.
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Old 10-01-2004, 12:24 PM
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Default RE: going to start WB support group

Hey,do you ever hunt the sam houston national forest around new waverly?Ive hunted it a few times and seen some decent shooters around there.
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Old 10-01-2004, 12:34 PM
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Default RE: going to start WB support group

I use to use the WB B2. I could get it tuned very well but I used feathers and it still was pretty hard on them. I don't know what to suggest for you on that matter. The bristles are softer but still too hard on feathers. However, my arrows still flew well although slightly eaten! Hang in there this season. This is why I eventually went to a drop-away. Don't get me wrong here! The WB is a fine rest and when tuned can give awesome results, but I feel they can be hard on fletchings from fast bows.
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Old 10-01-2004, 12:48 PM
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Default RE: going to start WB support group

I might have joined that group up until a few days ago. I finally got mine tuned to shoot straight had to move the WB down a little then moved the knocking point down....shot quite a few arrows tthat way....and that helped some but they were still fishtailing so i decresed the draw weight 1/2 turn on each limb and that was the ticket. I was really frusturated with the dang thing too and was ready to give up. seems there is not much forgiveness in getting one in tune, but now im happy with it shoots real nice.
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Old 10-01-2004, 01:05 PM
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Default RE: going to start WB support group

I would definitely join that support group. I am having some issues with setting my B2 WB up as well. It sounds like most people are going with the straight fletching ~ so that is what i am going to try next.
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Old 10-01-2004, 09:24 PM
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Default RE: going to start WB support group


I don"t think that a 12step program is really needed to deal with the whisker biscuit.

Shoot the correct spine arrows.

Tune your bow.

Thats only two steps.

The biscuit should fit loose around the arrow, not tight.

The biscuit should not be tipped forward or backward, but should be parallel to the bowstring.

The bow should be set at an even tiller and the arrow should be nocked at 90degrees to the bowstring.

The windage position for the rest should be determined by grouptuning at different distances. When the bow shoots all arrows on the same verticle line at different distances the windage is set right.

You can leave the nocking point at 90degrees to the bowstring. If the bow has been set at an even tiller it should shoot a level arrow into the target. If it shoots a nock high arrow the bow needs a little tiller added to the bottom limb bolt. If the bow shoots a nock low arrow the bow needs a little tiller added to the upper limb bolt so you would tighten the upper limb bolt to correct the tiller and have the bow shoot a level arrow.

This method of tuning dosen't require a lazer or a bowsquare and all your adjustments are made with a wrench.

I don't know if it going to be exactly 12steps for everyone. Usually its less.

Good luck hunting!
Remember to vote!
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Old 10-02-2004, 04:32 AM
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Default RE: going to start WB support group

Arrowman has some excellent advice. Wb likes slightly sftiffer arrows, and trimming helps. I have setup and tuned a lot of bows with this rest and once you understand it, everything should go well. Read my review of the rest it may help. If you have major clearance issues try going to 4 3" feathers This is what I am shooting this year with excellent results.
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