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Whisker Buiscuts, what do you think???

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Whisker Buiscuts, what do you think???

Old 03-22-2004, 03:15 PM
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Default RE: Whisker Buiscuts, what do you think???

You could do a search on this, or other sites, but you will probably find the same results as this very thread. Whisker Biscuits are much like Mathews bows. Many love them, others hate them.

As far as fine tuning goes, it can be done if you are careful about moving the rest. Of course it is a bit more difficult to adjust them, as it is more difficult to adjust a Starhunter or TM Hunter than it is to adjust an Infinity.

An example: Saturday here was sunny and warm, but kind of windy. I went over to the club to see how my backup hunting bow was tuned and shooting. I had thought it was bare shaft tuned well at 16 yards in my basement, but wanted to check it outside. The bare shafts were hitting about 1 1/2" left at 20. I made two small, careful adjustments, and then they were shooting into the same groups (1 1/4-2") as the fletched arrows. I know this level of accuracy is not what some of you guys can shoot, but considering that my sight pin was big enough to completely cover the spots I was aiming at, that I don't use a peep sight, and the wind, which was blowing the pin completely off the spot at times, I was satisfied. Moving back to 30 yards, I put some groups out there between 2 and 3". With the wind blowing the pin more than 6" off the spot at times, I didn't bother to shoot at 40. There were two other guys there shooting some brand new high$ bows (won't tell the brand) that were not doing any better with 3D type scopes, big stablilzers, and micro-adjustable shoot through rests. I don't think windy days are too good for shooting back tension releases, and I've no doubt they could have shot better than me on a less windy day, but I think I could have shot a little better without the wind too. I would not choose the Biscuit for a target or 3D rig myself, but for hunting, the accuracy is very adequate if everything is adjusted properly. The containment feature is the best selling point. BTW, I have not found the QS rests to be more of a problem than the original, awkward-loading round ones. I do have a new brown Biscuit, and it seems like it might be a little easier on the fletching. Another factor to consider is whether on not you refletch your own arrows. If you do, you will probably want to refletch with AAE Speedflytes, or Flex Fletch. If you don't fletch your own, then the Biscuit may not be the best rest for you. I don't have much trouble with fletching when using either feathers of the vanes I mentioned. AAE Plastifletch will get curly and wavy pretty quick though.

Last fall, I was shooting the best flying, best shooting broadhead-tipped arrows I ever shot. I was using a Whisker Biscuit rest. Would I say that it is the best rest going? No, but I would say it is as good as most.
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Old 03-22-2004, 08:39 PM
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Default RE: Whisker Buiscuts, what do you think???

I made fun of my buddy for a full year for using a WB. Told him that there's no way I'm going to fire my fletchings through that thing and get good groupings. Well, I ended up putting my foot in my mouth because ever since I tried it, it hasn't come off my hunting bow.
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