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Intermediate skills

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Intermediate skills

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Default Intermediate skills

this deer season was my 2nd spent in the deerwoods chasing whitetails with a bow. aside from all the fun and time well spent I realized that I was no longer a rookie. I am passed the basics like learning how to shoot arrows in windy conditions and learning what white oak is. what skills should I focus on developing as I become more advanced. What should I prioritize and put the most effort into. any advice will help.
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For me personally, hunting deer on the ground with a bow is the ultimate challenge. I can go out almost any night in the early season and sit in a tree stand and arrow a doe or small buck.

I'm not really interested in big antlers, so for me the challenge became getting close to them on their own terms and on their own turf.

I've been lucky and have taken several deer from the ground with a bow. It's a rush every time and has made me a better hunter I believe.

For some people, chasing big bucks might be the challenge they need to keep it interesting. Some people like to target and pattern a specific deer throughout the season.

You have to find ways to challenge yourself and to make yourself a better hunter.

Nothing against your skills, cause I have no idea what skill level you are. But for most people, two years in the woods is not allot of time, and certainly not enough time to have mastered too much of anything.

Just keep chasing them and try to learn some thing new every time you go out

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I have never been on the hunt with a bow for a big game. I plan to go hunting a deer with a bow this year. I have already enrolled in the school of archers, because I want to be taught how to shoot a bow correctly. If you are not so new to this, then I would like to ask you for advice. I found an article here HikeZone about best beginner compound bow package, but I still don't know what to choose. Perhaps you have some tips for a complete noob in this? In my shooting lessons, only one bow is advised to me, which I can buy from them, but I donít like what Iím watching in my lessons.
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Old 05-06-2019, 05:47 AM
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Andropol selecting a bow is a very personal choice. Confidence in your equipment plays a key role in archery. Go to several bow shops and shoot as many different bows as you can. Even different models of the same brand. The make your decision. The bow should feel good to YOU. And the draw weight should be low enough that you can draw and hold it without too much effort.
Ma time in the woods is the best teacher. As a novice the more time you spend in the woods the more mistakes you'll make and learn from them. Learn your hunting area. Look for natural funnels (a narrow strip of woods between two fields or a stream and a road or similar)Something that will force deer movement in a narrow area and still remain in cover. Study topo maps or download Google earth. But most of all, enjoy the woods. Killing a deer is nice, especially a big buck. But don't get hung up on it. Just enjoy the squirrels, the birds and nature in general. If you have chosen the "right" spot you will get your deer. Patience, silence and remaining still are 3 of the most important thing you can do for now. Later to really challenge yourself you can try still hunting deer with a bow. IMO its the ultimate challenge.
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Old 05-07-2019, 06:31 AM
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practice how to shoot from non-traditional stances.

Practice shooting without standing up. Bucks can just pop in fast through cover.
Put a stand up and put a target behind you on the right and left and try turning around and shooting on both sides of the tree. Deer just roam some times with browsing. They don't always take the trail you want them too
Think of where the deer could come from and practice being able to shoot from your stand that way. After you hunt more, you'll have a deer come through where you are not ready for, or comfortable shooting. It is best to pass on these unless you have practiced for them. Tracking wounded deer over a day or so sucks. Once you loose one, you have those "should I take this shot" thoughts.

You don;t know how many times I have heard "I saw a monster buck 20 yards behind me and I couldn't get a shoot I felt comfortable taking." Deer will not always give you time to stand up, get into position, or walk by perfectly broadside.

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