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Default Old PSE FireFox crossbow

Hey guys,i figured i would ask if anybody has any info or knowledge on a PSE FoxFire crossbow. i bought one for 50$ bucks. this thing is clean. the limbs and string are in great shape as well.. ive seen them before in rough shape but never knew anything about them. im guessing the bolts that i got with the bow are actually what bolts that came with the bow?? the knocks have the PSE name on them..im guess its at least 20 years old?? what do u guys think..was it worth it
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I actually used one of those last year in the first part of the season. I had it sighted in well. Every time I would take it out I had alot of opportunities early on I would miss easy shots. I eventually figured out the sight pin worked itself loose with each vibration of the crossbow. Whether it was just walking or sighting it in. I tried to make the pin as tight as possible but it just kept working itself loose. I just stopped hunting and waited to get my bow back from the shop. If the pin would have stayed tight i think it would have worked ok. Also, I think that x-bow came out in 1974. I would say it probably is closer to 40 years than 20 years. The one I used was my uncles and it looked to be in great shape as well. Just beware of the sight pin issue.
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Default hey folks

hello folks, new guy here that googled the internet which hijacked me to here. i saw the thread here on older pse's. i just recently got a text from my brother on the firefox on craigslist for $50. the pics looked good and spoke with the guy who hunted it twice. he was nice enough to say it was a lot older...maybe 20 years old. after i drove 75 miles to meet him to get it. this was a wham bam deal, i had told him i wanted to see it come the first of the month, 3 days away. he called three days later on monday and said he was at work at a job site and had it with him and wanted to ask if i could meet him on his way home. i agreed and i looked it over...not knowing much, i new right away it was older but it looked brand new as he explained he'd had it out 2 times. pointing out the cable and pulleys, the paint how it all was proof it was in very god condition. i paid the $50 and left and was pretty pumped about bow hunting again.
i'm 59 now and retired on disability and have found one needs things to do and hobbies, being disabled means i can't work. it doesn't mean at all one can't still live. like the fella starting this thread, i started to find this item i now owned may have never even existed! one brother had a horton once that you could kill a whale with...in the pacific, 3,000 miles away...that was a mile deep. this one i'm wondering do i shoot it or drop it on em? maybe this one goes on the ground with a string on the trigger and when stepped on you pull the string and it'd snap a leg on the deer.
well i've learned the good thing is, used twice the cable is good shape. if i care for it should last a while. or if it's a pos i can sell it for $50 to some poor soul who simply needs a new cable. don't ya love how some slick gets your money then stops making what he sold ya? the nocks on these bolts are like the nocks i used on arrows with a bear compound in my 2nd cave. they have to snap- to the cable because the rest is a Y made from an oak twig. it's kinda gotta habit of fumblin the bolt off and if so and you shoot a bolt that has space between it and the cable causes sounds made by a hunter far away you aren't familiar with. the bolts use 4 veins instead of 3. i figured it's creator liked feathers, maybe thought he was part indian. and drank. only available on ebay and just over $10 a piece.
when you get older and eyesight is one of the first...a peep sight must be an x-rated thing because you wont have a use for one so i took it off. the two screws in the left side were replaced by 1 1/2 inch. i took a piece of 1 inch aluminum angle iron cut 8 inches long and drilled holes in it same as the peep and mounted it on. i had to cut the side off allowing the cable be pulled back, and cut the groove very carefully where the cable enters the locking device. i removed my 3x9 from my cva .50 and the 2 mounts. after i found where they needed to mount, i used the rifle mounts and bolted them to the top of the angle iron. then the scope on them. i just used flat black to dull it with some grey.
now will it all work? awaiting my bolts from ebay i took the 3 that were with it...wit6h no veins. from 10 ft. i was way off and adjusted and...can you see it? the last one was now about a ft. high and center. missing the target it broke the tip off. awaiting my bolts i want to ask...where do you load the shells? well...i wonder at 15 yds. will it drop a ft. to hit the target. i guess i'm asking if there are known ballistics on these? i didn't mean to write a book, but to educate hunters on this is why you get your butt out instead of staying home reading on the inner net.

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You might get better replies is you asked this question in the crossbow forum rather an a bowhunting forum. I doubt bowhunters know much about crossbows but the crossbow guys will be the best suited to assist you.
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