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Default How do you get a 20ft Two Man Ladderstand Up????

Does any one have tips on how to put up a 20ft Two Man Big Sky Ladder Tree Stand UP?
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get some help, those 2 man stands can be a bear...
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I assume it comes in at least 4 pieces, I would assemble the top 3 sections and then raise it against the tree. Then with the help of a friend try lifting and angling the top sections up and against the tree while sliding the last section in place.

Or assemble the whole thing and then tie a rope to the top section. Have the taller of you lift the top portion while you keep the legs from sliding or lifting at the bottom. Once he has it as high as he can get it, pull on the rope and walk away from it in the direction of the tree to be mounted against, at that point the weight should keep the legs planted as the weight transfers down into the ground.
That's why I don't use them much and when I do they usually stay put for years at a time.
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Usually, I get my buddy to stand on the bottom piece to keep from slipping, and muscle it up. That simple.
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if it is a two man stand it is easiest with 3 persons to put it up. fully assemble the stand and have it laid in front of the tree. one man stands on the lower rung, one man to start the lifting the platform, the other has a long pole attached to the platform pushing it up to keep from bending the ladder as man two starts walking the ladder to the upright position. i've put several up and this ended up being the easiest way.
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Once you have it assembled and on the ground where you want it, you can use an atv to pull it up. A whole lot easier than doing it manually.
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use a climbe or strap a set of climbing sticks up. if you do this remember to wear your harness

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Originally Posted by StormDogOutdoors View Post
use a climbe or strap a set of climbing sticks up. if you do this remember to wear your harness
There ya go. That's how I got mine up. I climbed up with my climber and pulled it up using rope while two other helpers helped lift and kept the bottom in place. Just remember to position your climber on the opposite side of the tree.
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found this on AT DIY section wouldn't be hard to make assuming you have a welder.http://www.archerytalk.com/vb/showthread.php?t=1255705
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Use you climber or a latter, climb up the tree put a pullie and cable or rope and pull it up. I now use the wrench on my ATV to pull them up now takes about 30 min. to get it set. No problem.
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