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for you guys with climbers

Old 11-04-2009, 01:31 PM
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Default for you guys with climbers

this is my first year bow hunting i diddnt want to buy a treestand this season due to the amount of money i have already spent but after several outings i came to the conclusion one is needed.i hunt public land so i am considering a climber. which climbers do you recommend and why. i would like a climber that is suitable for both bow and gun hunting.thank you for your help
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I bowhunt exclusivly from a climber, even if I had my own land I would still use a climber, but they require some practice before hunting w/ them, because most people find them awkward at 1st. I have 2 climbers. 1 is an API "bowhunter" that I bought in 2000 and got alot of use out of. Last year I bought a summit "cabelas exclusive" model w/ a gun rest for 150$. The summit is a little more comfy due to the thicker seat cusion and it attatches to to tree a bit easier, due to the lack of clip pins found on the API, but... I went back to the ol API, because even though it doesnt have as thick a cusion, and takes about 20 seconds longer to set up , It climbs the tree much quicker and easier, and it also packs alot flatter which is nice. the summit also tend to get jammed together which is annoying as hell, and it definatly makes more noise, even though I covered both stands w/ foam tape. both stands are around 20lbs. I also have a HSS vest which I HIGHLY recommend.
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I absolutely love my API, which I've had for about 13 years. I've yet to see a climber that bites a tree like that thing. I have a Summit that I use for a loaner, but I don't trust the locking system like I do the API. It's hard to argue with a pin through the link of a chain for secure lock-up.

Regardless of what you get, be sure to use a safety harness.
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if you hunt long hrs take a look at the tree lounge. its a little heavy but very comfortable. you can def fakk asleep in it!!! had mine for bout 15yrs. you can easily shoot 360 degrees
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i have a loggy bayou and its awesome for bow hunting and gun hunting with a removable front bar, comfy and not the lightest but not bad at all

things you need to keep in mind when buying a stand is what you are going to be using it for. you need comfort for long day sits but many of the most comfortable stands tend to be very heavy so considered how far back in your taking your stand and how much weight/comfort best suits you

my first climber was for comfort and way to heavy i never use it anymore wish i knew then what i know now would have saved me some $$ and sweat in the long run
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i use a summit viper...

its a bit heavy and bulkier than some...but, i love it...the front bar is a must for me IMO...makes climbing easier and also gives me ALOT more comfort and eases the mind...

comfortable...easy to pack and easy to setup quietly...

if your much over 200lbs id go with the goliath 215 or so and if im bundled up in cold weather gear, its a little tight..comfortable and not crammed..but the extra room that i THINK the goliath has would be worth it if your a much over 200lbs..check into it i THINK the goliath has a bigger seat portion..could be wrong though..

ive been using mine for 4 years...i dont plan on changing anytime soon...only thing i added was a front bag..i like to keep the essentials in it..screw in pegs for the quiver and pack, my calls, my tie off rope, binocs its all handy when i need not real big on having my gear hanging and having to reach and move around to get it...i also rest my bow across the front rail so its right there ready to roll
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Lone Wolf Sit and Climb wide model. This Stand is quiet to setup, folds down very flay on your back for quiet packing it in and out, it has a cast aluminum platform, good adjustability on the traction belts, very sturdy, I changed out the seat for a mesh seat to make it lighter and faster to setup. Expect to pay a little over $400 for the wide model and $50 less for the standard width model. A Summit would be my next choice.
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API Bowhunter gets two thumbs up for me bought mine a few years ago from the bass pro shop and have never had a single problem with it. Climbs fast an easy. Packs down nice and tight. No its not the lightest on the market but its not the heaviest either. Was a good buy for me
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Summit viper A++++
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thanx for all the advice i will take everything you guyus said into consideration. i spoke to a guy a few days ago who loves his equalizer stand, you guys know anything about them?
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