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New to Hunting

Old 08-09-2009, 10:04 PM
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Default New to Hunting

Hey guys and gals. I apologize now if this is in the wrong place, and will understand if it is moved however I looked around and couldn't find a beginners section.

I am a fisher and have recently got into watching fishing on the outdoor channels and with that also comes a lot of hunting shows. Everyone is always talking about the rush and excitement of bow hunting big game and I was wanting to give it a try and see if its for me since I love adrenaline pumping type sports.

However here becomes my problem, my brother is long retired from hunting not to mention more or less disabled so I couldn't have him teach me, and I don't know anyone, friend or otherwise who hunts so I have no clue where to start.

What would you guys suggest? I was thinking of looking up a local hunting club but I couldn't find any hunting clubs near me (I live in California) let alone a bow hunting club.
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ok first thing i would suggest is join a club and learn to shoot a bow then look into hunting
i have always believed that before anyone considers hunting they should be very proficient wit ha bow and an archery club is the best place to start there will be many people ready to help you

not sure where in cali you are but this may help
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maybe try looking up a local bow shop. alot of these owners would be more than willing to answer any questions you have and help you get properly set up with your first bow if you want to try it.
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Hi Sotik, I'm a new member here also, but I've been hunting a few years. You'll get some great advice from these folks. Like ozbowhunter and mohunter82 said, learn to use the bow before you think about hunting with it. You won't have any problems finding someone to help. This is a great community to be in. Welcome and Good Luck!
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First off Sotik, you are in the right spot! I was just like you, a fisherman that got bit by the hunting bug. Do you know if the state requires you to get a hunters education course prior to hunting? If so, that would be the first step in your journey. Also, many of the guys/gals that teach that course will be able to answer many more of your questions.

After/during that process, you need to determine if you want to bowhunt/gunhunt, or crossbow hunt. Then buy a weapon that matches your physical stature/abilities/desires/budget, etc.

Then you MUST practice shooting that weapon until you are confident. Read books, lots of hunting books. Buy them at a used bookstore if necessary. Heck, I could send you some.

You now must find a place to hunt. Public land? Or do you have a person/people that are willing to allow you to hunt on their land? I really hope someone living in CA will see this post and take you out and show you around the woods. If I lived around you I sure would help you out. BEST of luck and ask any question you feel will help you out toward your goal. People will answer them as best they can.

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I don't really have mush advise, but good luck and don't give up... I love the water, a saltwater fisherman myself, but just like the water has a type of peace the woods do also.... Good luck and enjoy the ride
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local bow shops, bass pro shop, cabela's, gander mountain, or califonia department of natural resources. if you go to a local shop it will be a little more personal than going to a large outfitter (like cabela's). Go to the hunting sections find someone who is working and they can help you alot with getting license and tags. They can also help you figure out what bow would suit you best. Any more questions you can check out my myspace or email me at the places below.
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It is always nice to hear from a new bowhunter. I would start with a good bow and shoot and shoot and shoot. It is not as easy as the pros make it seem on tv. You need a lot of equipment. I am not sure if you live up north or down south. Up north you will need GOOD Boots and warm clothing to help you stay on the stand. I am pretty sure you will meet someone to hunt with but go to some of the seminars and ask questions. This is a great place to get answers. Most of the guys (and gals) on here are great people and will be glad to help. Just ask away and post it.
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Read as many of the hunting mags as you can. Tons of info and later on you can decide whats good and whats bad advise.
I guess I would also recommend hunting "shows" on the idiot box. I make that recommendation with a grain of salt cause so much of it is just plain made for TV crap. Always love a kill shot though.
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