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Default Indiana Tom down

Got him yesterday on opening day here is the story
Man its over just like that I started the morning off by waking up 30 minutes before the alarm from anticipation. Walked the 3/4 mile back down an old lane or growed up haul road, abandoned from the coal mines way back. Its no more than a fourwheeler trail now that goes down the middle of our lease. I had built three blinds weeks earlier and chose the one i thought would produce. First light came and there was and im guessing, 15 different Toms all around gobbling like mad but the closest was around 200 yards. I had deer blowing at me for around 15 minutes I stuck it out until 8:30 after all the birds were no longer gobbling. I went towards an area where birds had quit not long ago, set up, hunted, but could get nothing riled up but more deer blowing at me I decided it was time to head to my favorite mid morning honey hole. Back on the old haul road/trail but in another spot where birds travel mid day when the hens have left them. Got the deeks set up and setled in. Did some light calling every twenty minutes. It was around 11:00, I had just got done with a call series and about a minute later i hear soft bird chatter to my left. I got ready, seen three red white and blue heads come into view, and when they were behind some head high pines i drew and waited for them to step into one of my shooting lanes. First bird was a Jake with a 2" nub, second was the same, and the third was either a Jake or a Tom with beard rot, he had a four inch thick wad that stuck straight out but was much larger, I decided to pass on them and man im glad i did. After they stepped behind some small pines i let down and reset the ripcord arm. They made it to the decoy set and the biggest Jake got behind the Tom and stuck his head through the tail feathers and gave it a shove. I smiled as i watched the show I glanced back to my left where the Jakes had came from and now i was looking at two full faned blown up mature Gobblers on there way. Luckly the Jakes had got back behind some brush and when the Toms went behind the small pines I drew and waited. They stepped into the lane and at 15 yards I let the victory arrow fly with the two blade Rage and hit the bread basket He went into violent flapping and about took out the decoys He made it 12 yards before expiring in some grass. The Jakes rushed over to him, The other Big Tom rushed to the Dekes and sized them up for a bit but decided to check on his buddy. I thought he would spur him but he just hung around FOR THE NEXT 45 MINUTES I finally had to just get up and send him running My bird is:
22 lbs 8oz
8 1/4" beard
1 3/16" spurs (both)score: 22.5+11.875+11.875+16=62.25



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[color=blue]2008 huntin camp attendee


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Default RE: Indiana Tom down

Great bird and story! Congrats!
Life's short...Hunt Hard!
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Default RE: Indiana Tom down

Way to go Dan!!!

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Default RE: Indiana Tom down

That's a heck of a thick brush on the bird! Congrats crick

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Default RE: Indiana Tom down

Congrats buddy
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Default RE: Indiana Tom down

Congrats on a nice turkey BLOOD.Still going to try and make it down to your place ,hopefully before hunting season starts again CONGRATS.
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Default RE: Indiana Tom down

Congrats again Crick, that beard is awesome..
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Default RE: Indiana Tom down

Nice story, thanks for sharing and Congrats on your success!!!!
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Default RE: Indiana Tom down

Congrats Dan.

Have you got started playing ball yet?
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Default RE: Indiana Tom down

Awesome bird, congrats brother!
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