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Default baiting

NOW i know some of you will be mad i asked this but anyway.

How is baiting any differnt then hunting over a cut corn field with freshly cut corn all over the ground. Now i am not talking clover food plots and even an uncut field. I am talking dumbing 100 pounds on corn on the ground. Or hunting over corn cut from a field on the grounds. Seems to be about the same thing to me
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Default RE: baiting

Congratulations! You're the millionth poster to address baiting.......this year!

You've won a bag of corn......and everybody knows that's all you need to kill deer.

You're set!

But to answer your question.....One makes people feel superior to his fellow hunters. The first time I see a corn stalk growing in the wild, indigenously.....I'll change my views on it NOT being an artificial food source (which would define bait, .....wouldn't it?).

The difference in a corn field and baiting guy was nice enough to shell it for the deer. In the case of the cut corn field. Heck.....they BOTH were!
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Default RE: baiting

Hey i want a free bag of corn. I need somethign to feed my beefers with, since our corn is still 32% moisture....
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Default RE: baiting

Come on Tim, you have been around this site enough to know this horse is beat.
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Default RE: baiting

Let me put it this way, Hunting over a corn pile is like going to the drive through at McDonaldsand getting10 BIG MACS for supper, its fast, its easy and you know exactly what you want and whereit is. Hunting over a cut corn field like going to the grocery store, the same foods are pretty much there but its huge, its spread out, and your mood and tastescontrol what part of the grocery store you shop in...
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Default RE: baiting

Also Tim....what you'll find is....the people who are most against baiting live in states where it's illegal....and they have NO first-hand knowledge of the practice. I'd say they were ignorant....but that sounds a bit inflammatory. Ill-informed, yeah.

Everybody wants to think what they want to.....because I suppose it makes them feel superior in some way....if they can tear the other guy's means/methods down.

I posted a study that was performed a couple years ago in SC. It proved that baiting actually led to LESS harvest % success, there. People can turn a blind eye to that all they want to.....but doing so on emotion and not fact is only perpetuating the ignorance. That's called denial.
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Default RE: baiting

I posted a study that was performed a couple years ago in SC. It proved that baiting actually led to LESS harvest % success, there.
I have seen this first hand in MD where baiting is legal. But most of the people I know are not against baiting because they believe it gives others an unfair advantage, but more of the slobness of it. Thats just the people I know.
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Default RE: baiting

The people you know kill more deer than they should (i.e POACH - by your own admission)...without a home for the meat.....and you turn a blind eye to that.

We have our own definition of "slobness" around here. You're either part of the solution or you're part of the far as "slobness" goes.

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Default RE: baiting

I want a free bag of corn too. That's been costing me $8 for a 50# bag
As previously stated, baiting doesn't actually increase hunter success; I haven't killed anything this year and only had a spike step into range.
There is a lot of places for deer to enter the corn field I'm hunting around from the nearby thickets, the grocery store mentioned before.
I don't feel slobish when I'm packing that 50# bag nearly every weekend from April - Jan. Loading up the mower and maintaining a path around that field. Dragging a rag soaked with deer urine behind me when I walk to my blind. Not to mention keeping my clothes in a bag, taking a scent free shower, and wearing a carbon suit.
The area I hunt simply doesn't have the numbers of deer that other places have. Adding to my sheer frustration is the farmer turning cattle loose on my hunting spot, I can't do anything about it except find a new place. I'm attempting to get the deer to visit a small area that's inaccessible to cattle.
I do not see any difference in me putting corn there versus if an apple tree, acorn laden oak, or small "food plot"happened to be there.
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Default RE: baiting

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Quick Reply: baiting

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