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Default RE: frusterated

ORIGINAL: Sliverflicker

Calm down Swift, relax, take your time, and talk yourself through the shot process with each shot like its the only arrow your going toget to shoot.
that jsut about sums it up.
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Default RE: frusterated

swift, just shoot man, try shooting at a deer vital instead of dots for now, get the arrows in the vitals at 20 yds over and over again, then take a few days off. Don't worry about if they are in a 1-2" group, as long as it is a kill shot in the vitals, I do this often when I shoot bad, it helps.
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Default RE: frusterated

You summed it up with the thread title. You are frustrated. Stop, relax, try to forget and take a break. Consistancy is not easy or everyone would.
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Default RE: frusterated

Rather than shoot a bunch of shots, try practicing with the intent of shoot a few great shots. Relax, let the shot happen, don't rush it. Develope a routine for practicing... something like
Grip the bow
Check your feet and body position
Nock the arrow
With the bottom of the bow resting on you leg.... look at the spot
Smoothly raise the bow
Still see the spot
Don't concentrate on the PINS
See the spot
The arrow should go off by itself in under 8 seconds. If it doesn't... let down and start again

Do something like that 20 times is much more beneficial than 75 arrows thrown down range
When you retrieve your arrows walk slow getting there and back. Take some breaths and breath before you start the drill again. do the drill after EVERY arrow.
Did I mention relax.

When I get in a serious mode preparing for hunting I'll shoot a couple days and take a day off... or maybe 2 sometimes. Even on off days I often practice the "ONE SHOT" thingy where I'll take the bow outside and shoot ONE arrow only and concentrate on form and relaxing. I may do that 3 or more times on off days... sometimes more when I start shooting in early morning light and last light to get used to low light sight pictures.
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Default RE: frusterated

ORIGINAL: kickin_buck

Sounds like to me you may have form issues. What I mean by that is, if yesterday you were driving nails and today you could not hit the broadside of a barn, you are doing somthing different. Either your anchor point is changing, you could be gripping different. Also, you could be having target panic. I think alot of people get this when they are trying too hard to be too exact. I know it is hard to so sometimes, but try relaxing the next time you shoot and shoot small numbers of arrows (2-3) in a group. Also, be sure you are looking at the spot you are wanting to hit and not concentrating on the pin. Burn a hole in spot you are wanting to hit with your eyes and just let the pin float instead of concentrating on your pin and holding it dead steady.
+1, my thoughts exactly.
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