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Interesting Read

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Default Interesting Read

Especiallyparagraph 3 'The Brand Name Cult' In case you do not want to use the link read below:

Keeping Things in Perspective

Undoubtedly, the modern compound bow is a fantastic hunting weapon. But let's try to keep things in some reasonable perspective. Before you're swayed by an advertising campaign promising exclusive-technology and predatory bliss, try to keep in mind that the compound bow is still a relatively simple device. The compound bow is constructed from readily available materials, it has only a handful of moving parts, and it isn't yet micro-processor controlled. So there's only so much technology which can realistically be applicable to the design and production of a compound bow. However, most bows are specifically marketed as a "high-technology" product. Why? Because bow companies know what modern bowhunters want the most - an edge - particularly a "technological edge". Bowhunting has a historically low success rate, so it is no surprise that compound bow advertising campaigns focus on offering bowhunters a "technological" advantage - even if it's a little stretch of the truth. They also know that outdoor product consumers love big scientific words and impressive acronyms. So beware. Your new compound bow could be packaged with a few Ultra-Lite Hyperpolyresin fibers of CBT (cock-n-bull technology).

The Brand Name Cult

The archery industry is often plagued by a "better than your bow" mentality - as brand loyalty seems to often get out of hand. Some bow manufacturers even seem to develop a cult-like following of shooters - who'll openly malign any other brand of bows (just visit an online archery forum). This is unfortunate for beginning archers who could receive one-sided brand-x advice - which may or may not lead to a good bow purchasing decision. So beware of any advice declaring one type or brand of bow to be "the best". Imagine being told that a Subaru, for example, is "the best" kind of car - and that every other brand was totally inferior. Ridiculous right? The Subaru is certainly a fine automobile, but it's not appropriate or practical for everyone. There are many other high quality brands and models you could choose from. The same is true for compound bows. The Point: There is no "best" brand or "best" type of compound bow, so don't barricade yourself in too deeply on any particular bow manufacturer's ranch. The bow that is best for you is the bow that best fits your purpose, your size and strength, your shooting style, your skill level, and your budget.

Statistical Deception in Advertising

If the Nike shoe company paid the world’s 50 fastest sprinters to wear only Nike brand shoes during competitions, it would be no surprise that most of the big races would be won by athletes in Nike shoes. Would it be fair then to conclude that Nike shoes make runners go faster? Of course not! But the company could make it seem that way if they advertised the race statistics without mentioning the paid endorsements. Sadly, some archery manufacturers use this same little trick to entice buyers, and it usually works. Beware of advertising campaigns that lead you to believe their brand of bows are more accurate, and tempt you with "stacked" statistics on how many tournaments their bows win. The Point: Bows don’t win tournaments any more than shoes win races. The most talented runners win races and the most talented shooters win archery tournaments. Many factors are involved in accurate shooting (proper fit, careful tuning, good technique, etc.). A good high-quality bow is just one part of the equation.
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Default RE: Interesting Read

really good reading overall, Thanks
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Default RE: Interesting Read

Very good article, and I bet everyone can pull a few points from it.
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Default RE: Interesting Read

Very good article, most bows are really more alike then they are different...unlike trucks, everyone knows Ford rules and chevy and dodges suck! haha
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Default RE: Interesting Read

I've read this is a good read
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Default RE: Interesting Read

"Bows don't win tournaments any more than shoes win races."

I like that!
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Default RE: Interesting Read

Compounds are unbelievably awesome bows these days compared to the past! For one not to figure these compounds is one who maybe should not attempt shooting these things at critters, they are not made for every one but at the same time there simple equipment if shot by the right person!! This isn't always the case though when you have a animal 10 yards in front of you, everything changes then!
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Default RE: Interesting Read

Great read Tony...
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Default RE: Interesting Read

No truer words were ever spoken. I go way back before the compound both in hunting and competition. There is no doubt the equipment is a lot better now then back in those days. But there are still many many people who still take game every year with the old style equipment right down to wooden arrows. In todays worls we tend to think if I just had that new 800.00 bow I know I would be a better shooter which in some cases that does happen due to mind over matter. Yes the new bows are quiter less vibration. The new rests are far better then when I started and the arrows back then it was either wood or fiberglass and heavy fiberglass at that. But you know what I dont care what you shoot the decked out bow that you now have over 1000.00 in and 150.00 arrows 35.00 broadheads 200.00 scentlock a 100.00 feeder it all comes down to knowing the distance holding steady and taking the shot at just the right moment and if you do all the right things and have decent equipment be it old or new then you will score.
All that being said I just purchased a Bowtech Guardian to replace my Darton Maverick which is only 6 years old and with which I took 2 bucks and a doe this year. I guess I just had some money to waste [8D]

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Default RE: Interesting Read

I can summarize the 3 paragraphs of that article in one word for each paragraph. Here we go:

1. Bowtech

2. Bowtech

3. Mathews

I kid, I kid!!!
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