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Neck shot

Old 12-04-2007, 04:46 PM
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Default RE: Neck shot

Never ever a shot that should be taken.
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Default RE: Neck shot

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Default RE: Neck shot

With a bow wait on a better shot or don't shoot. Theres not much to shoot for there. If you miss only by a little you have a wounded not a dead deer. With a heart lung shot if your shot is off a little you still have a good chance of hitting the vitals. I have taken deer with a .300 win mag though the neck it causes much more trama and shock to the animal. Even with a rifle I don't like to take neck shoots.
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Default RE: Neck shot

Thats exactly the kind of shot the PETA freaks feed on. Its unhuman. There are vital spots there but the chances of hitting/cutting one with an arrow are low. Why risk losing a deer weather it be a buck or a doe or anything for that matter.Have respect for the beautiful animal and take a shot that gives you a better chance of recovering the animal and make the suffering minimal.
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Default RE: Neck shot

Dont get me wrong, I wont take this shot, BUT I would say your chances of hitting a vital in the upper part of the neck are extremely good. Say you aim at the white patch area. This part of the neck is maybe 6-7 inches wide in in that area you have to huge vital veins, a windpipe, and the spine. I would say it would be hard not to hit a vital there. It a shot I have been taught to always avoid and I do but it seems like there is alot there to hit, if your in the upper part of the neck?
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Default RE: Neck shot

No biology expert, but if you severe a deers windpipe, is it not automatically dead or would that deer live for some time?
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Default RE: Neck shot

I accidentally shot a shot doe in the neck last year Think i just hit the wind pipe no jugular vein and i never found it. I wouldn't do it on purpose.

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Default RE: Neck shot

ORIGINAL: GeorgiaTomkat

that it wouldn't die fast
You got lucky. It's a low percentage shot, not an impossible one but that does not change the fact that it should NOT be attempted on purpose. It will die very fast if you catch the artery in the hams too but would you purposely take a ham shot?

Greg was specifically saying that it is a low percentage shot.
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Default RE: Neck shot

ORIGINAL: seller

Is there ever a situation where you would take a neck shot? I would think it would be fatal if you get the spine or the wind pipe.
No how, no way!!! If you can see a neck shot move back towards the rear of the deer and put you sight behind the shoulder.
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Default RE: Neck shot

i was just asking cuz i have seen alot of guys shootat the rangeand they are very acurrate, and i was just thinking that if you are at 10 yards or less and the only thing you see on the deer is the neck if it would be a good shot. but i guess not.....i did not know i was going to get this many responses....thanks for the advice.....still trying to get my first deer.
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Quick Reply: Neck shot

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