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urban area hunters

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Default RE: urban area hunters

i would try and explain to them that yea they are nice to watch outside there windows during the day, but not so nice when they are seen on the side of the road, and when they hit peoples cars. not only for the deer, but it causes major damages to peoples cars, and are big accident prone too.
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Default RE: urban area hunters

I do some urban hunting around where I live and the deer certainly are different. The biggest thing I notice is that their travel range is much smaller and you see many of the same deer. They do get used to their surroundings (people, dogs, etc) but they still act much the same when they detect predators closing in on them. In is not any easier to hunt deer in urban areas, in my opinion, but I have seen some of the biggest deer in areas like this. Hunting urban areas is great deer management! I always recommend shooting as many does as bucks.
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Default RE: urban area hunters

They dont react at all when you come upon them.
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Default RE: urban area hunters

They sure react here when you come upon them in the woods. If your in your yard & theyre 10 yards into the woods you can walk up on them but like someone said, enter their territory & things change quick. For me its been harder often than bigger chunks of woods.
If everything goes right its like any other hunt, if you spook them or something tho & they change routs a few hundred yards theyre off huntable land often. Bigger pieces you can try different tactics or stand placements. Small parcels often only offer a couple decent setups.

I bowhunt almost exclusively in suburbia. Most of my properties are only a couple acres bordering some kind of protected cover.
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Default RE: urban area hunters

ORIGINAL: thephildo

how many of you guys hunt around houses. i mean a couple hundred yards away, that sometimes have to deal with dogs, people and other distractions from the houses, notice any difference in the deer movement or how they react? just curious how many other people are noticably close to houses, and streets when in the stands
I hunt in an "Urban Zone" in Cincinnati Ohio and I have this place that is 2 & 3/4 acre. I can see the back of the house from my stand and over the past 5 years I have killed at least 20 does....Minimum. I have a piebold 8 pointer on here that I have on film but he never comes out during daylight hours or else I would have shot him already to get him out of the heard. But with additional growth of new homes, our land is getting smaller every year to hunt. But the deer are still there, and less wary of your presence due to the interaction on a daily basis with humans and dogs.
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Default RE: urban area hunters

Urban bow hunting has been my experience for the longest time. Probably most of my hunting experience can be categorized as urban bow hunting. I gotta tell you, I love it!!

I too try to slip in and slip out of my hunting spots. The way I see it the less people know about it the better. Deer hunting can be a very touchy subject in urban America. At least the part I hunt. I hunt outside of Washington D.C. here in Maryland. Most really appreciate what we do, but all it takes is one person to voice their disapproval and you can forget about that “honey hole.” I hate losing those kinds of spots and I also really don’t want anybody to know what I’m doing. Ignorance is bliss. I just assume keep everything very discreet and all is good for the most part.

You really can’t get away from urban hunting in the central part of the state. You can otherwise, but I love the convenience of hunting in my backyard or somewhere else nearby that has a great number of deer. These spots also hold some huge bucks. Major park areas that get very little hunting pressure if any have monster, wall-hanger bucks lurking in them. They are a site to see.

There are other less urban areas that I hunt, but a lot of the deer that we hunt there come from suburban settings. We have a driver’s motor vehicle facility close to one place my buddies and I hunt, and probably twice a year we will have a couple guys go down there and drive the deer from there to us. It is unreal the deer holed up by this DMV. There are never less than fifty deer jumped up from these drives. We usually bag between five to eight deer on one drive.

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Default RE: urban area hunters

yea im in a little suburban deer haven.
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Default RE: urban area hunters

how far do these urban does tend to run after a well placed shot? That is the only reason I have not shot one in my backyard yet. Houses are on acre lots with a creek funnel in the backyaard, which is the travel corridor. I just would hate to have to retrieve off of a patio.I assume a shot deer would retreat along the funnel rather than bolt into the manicured backyards.
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Default RE: urban area hunters

yea they will stay in the tree line . not likely to end up on apatio
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Default RE: urban area hunters

Its usually not the well placed shot that presents the problem. Its the unfortunate and unforseen mis-placed shot that ruffles feathers. All it takes is one deer running thru neighborhood backyards with a arrow sticking out of it to squash a honey-hole of a spot.
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