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today was my first bow hunt i have updated my post

Old 10-04-2007, 02:49 PM
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Default today was my first bow hunt i have updated my post

I went on my first bow hunt today. I get in my stand about 7ish set there for about 20 minutes or so then I see a brown patch moving through some thick brush off of the soybean field50yards from my stand. It’s a good size doe she came up from the right with me facing southwest with the wind come in from my left slightly. If she came too far to my right she must not have winded me. Which mean the shower scent free cloths wash and so on worked? She came around then head straight for me. When she stepped into the woods she looked right at me felt like five minutes but properly more like 1 minute. I tried as hard as I could to not move and when she looked down I went to clip my release and she looks back at me. And stomps her foot then snorts and hops off not fast but alert and quick.

Then about an hour or so later I was watching a squirrel. I hear a noise to my right and it I another doe about 12 yards away nice size as well. I clip my release wait for her to move around so I can get a better shot. Well she looks at me hops about five yards around to the left and starts up a trail right in front of me I pull my string back and make a free mouth grunt as good as I can. She stops and turns quarter and away broadside perfect shot. Well there is a tree right in the middle of her neck. I could have got the shot I could see the kill zone perfect. But did not wont to chance it. If I was off to the left any it would have been guts and if I was off to the right I would be in a 15 inch round tree. So I decided to let her go and may be she would be back. Now this is my first bow hunt. My first sight in on a deer period since I started hunting 4years ago I am shacking like a rattle. When I go to let my bow lose I trip my release and off the arrow goes. My first thought issue kicked high and ran like a bat out of h*ll . Maybe I got her but I did not really think so. Well I did not find any blood down the trail she took for 50 yards so I figure it was a miss. And I could not find my arrow I think it went up into the trees.

I figured with the first one seeing me and the second I scared properly a few hundred miles LOL I got down and left for the day. But I still see it as a good day I left with out falling out of my stand or anything so I call it a good day.

Sorry for the long post any typos and I will keep you all apprised of all my hunts be it nothing or a kill or another debacle like this one was

But as for seeing me I went and bought some camo material like what the pop ups are made of. I think they both seen me because I had camo shirt and jacket but light color blue jeans on I need to get me some camo pants.

Good luck and I hope everyone stays safe
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Default RE: today was my first bow hunt

Great post.... Hang in there and you'll getanother shot at one.... Sounds like you are on a good trail, with the right wind during the rut, that will be a great place to be. Where there are does there are bucks as well, just a matter of time until one comes calling your way.....

Good Luck!!!
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Default RE: today was my first bow hunt

Sounds like a good day to me. I'd be paying close attention to that trail they were using and try to be in position next time so that they don't bust you. It sure is cool when they look straight into your eyes, but it is a lot cooler when they look into your eyes when you're at full draw.
Good luck,
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Default RE: today was my first bow hunt

cool... I hope my first hunt goes as well...
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Default RE: today was my first bow hunt

Defenitely sounds like a good day to me. Good luck on your next hunt. Just make sure and hang in there, your time will come.
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Default RE: today was my first bow hunt

i forgot to post that i did see a nice size fork horn buck that came in by the soybean field i counted must of been 15 trails that cut down each side and down below my stand between the soybeans and a creek . i also seen some turkeys of in the soybeans field 50 or 80 yards into the field that where huge i plan to give it a few days to come down i will head out on tuesday which will be 10 degrees cooler and it is going to rain friday and monday

good luck and i which i had a digital camra to take some pics if i get a kill i will get some pics
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