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Old 10-04-2007, 10:30 AM
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Default rattling

anyone rattle this early??

my buddy said every buck theyve seen this week came in after other bucks sparred. said it wasnt all out fighting...but just pushing matches and sparring.

makes sense...they are getting ready for the rut. they are setting up their territories and establishing dominance.

was thinking about taking some antlers and lightly rattling saturday to try and make something happen late morning if nothing happens before then.

any one do it?? cant hurt can it?? im not talking about goin to town smashing antlers together...just tapping them together a bit...

really, it makes sense to me....and deer are curious animals...and if i heard 2 guys fightin, heck ya im gunna go watch...maybe join in and prove its MY area...
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Default RE: rattling

I havent rattled yet and probably wont, but last year I saw a couple bucks sparing a little at this time. I havent had the chance to see any bucks this year.
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Old 10-04-2007, 10:55 AM
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Default RE: rattling

Bucks will start sparring as soon as the velvet is off. As long as you keep it to a gentle spar and not an all out war, you shouldbe okay.

Rattling works best in the pre-rut because it triggers the territorial aggressive response. But you might be able to get one to come in early out of curiosity rather than territorial aggressiveness. Just don't over do it.
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Old 10-04-2007, 12:07 PM
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Default RE: rattling

It is definetely getting close. Had a couple bucks starting to push eachother around a bit. The one could've fit two sets of horns in the other, butthe bigger deerwas not going to let this basket think that he was tougher.
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Default RE: rattling

I watched two big boys go to town monday evening. Got my blood boiling. I also heard some grunts..
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Default RE: rattling

Watched two going at it the other day. Not too agressive, just a pushing match. One was a regular whitetail. The other was a Seneca white deer (our own special herd in this area, not albinos). It was something to see.
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Default RE: rattling

hmmm i just may have to try it late saturday morning...just to see...and keep me on stand an extra hour or 2. i know they arent real aggressive yet...but they are curious creatures....and are sparring and starting to set up dominance and territories as the bachlor groups break willing to try anything! lol

i know not to go bonkers with the antlers...just goin to clank them together a tiny bit and put them away..maybe grunt a time or 2. figure it cant hurt. it CAN and does happen in the woods...highly doubt i SPOOK anything unless they watch me move...

i wish i could hunt deer like i do spring gobblers. i love interacting with the animals. i love deer hunting...but i get down right bored and frustrated at times...i think its because of my rifle hunting habits. id set up in funnels and escape routes and let other hunters get the deer moving...or drives which lasted no more than 2 hours and we were moving to the next spot...and im used to seeing deer pretty often. wasnt uncommon to see 20 or 30 a im happy to see a deer. im getting better...i make 10 or 11 am sits pretty easy now...but still get that frustrated feeling of sitting there and it raining acorns and nothing within sight...
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Default RE: rattling

I will and have in the past.. "sparring".. the young bucks in my fields everynight when its cool and clear are banging skulls and they started back in mid Sept.
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Default RE: rattling


Here it is, take it for what it is worth.

Rattling this time of year will bring in 1.5 bucks 99% time. If this is what you are after than I say go for it. It will and has brought them in. Just tickle the antlers lightly. Monday morning little Rob and Mr. Mass tickled their antlers a bit. Sleepy never moved.
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Default RE: rattling

thanx guys... hunting my first bow kill buck. if hes got legal antlers on his head, i dont care if hes spotted

id LIKE a bigger one...but honestly, ive come to realization that i need to start getting bowkills under the belt to figure this whole thing out. and, to kill a big buck, you gotta hunt where the big bucks are. really, 2.5 is the oldest most our bucks get..with a few exceptions...but we havent seen many exceptions this year. 1 of the few we seen went down the first day. not saying thats ALL thats out there...but when you got a buddy that lives by farming, he usually sees most of the deer out there at some point throughout the year...

im looking for my first bowkill buck. next year, i will hunt something a little bigger.

i figure its highly unlikely i SPOOK anything by tapping some antlers together...and could possibly bring something i dont see why NOT to do it...we will see....maybe i will find a early season tactic that works for for me once

im just in major fear of not getting to hunt much this season. between the typical things like school, parents just bought a new house....that means moving. dont know when the closing date is yet...but im very fearful that i may not be hunting the im not going to be picky..and would like to make something happen if i can...

this 85 degree weather certainly aint helping....raining acorns last night and didnt see a deer...good cover surrounding me...that was like a slap in the face...i know its hunting...but man..when your getting pelted by acorns because so many are falling, youd think a deer just might come eat lol. no crops for miles....i was shocked i didnt see anything lol...
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