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deer scents

Old 08-07-2007, 11:03 PM
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Default deer scents

Hey all I was just wondering what people s thoughts were on what is more affective when using a scent attractor. IE is it more affective to use a drag clothwith scent or just spray a good amount around your stand ??

I know you put some down where you want the deer to stop for better a shooting angle, Butif a deer can smell so far awaydoes it reallymatter to drag along a drag cloth soaked in scent when you are going to spray around your tree anyway ?? Just Wondering I am interested to see what others exsperiances with this has been.
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Old 08-08-2007, 09:35 PM
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Default RE: deer scents

Buy a retract-a-drag. Best thing for laying scent trails.

If you plan on hunting the same stand over a course of a couple days, it's better "not" to spray the lure on the ground, leave it there after hunting the first time.

I like using film canisters or anything like them with a cotton wick. Un-cap and use, re-cap and take with you.

The retract-a-drag serves both purposes, pull out the drag line, run you sent line, then crank it back up and leave the wick exposed as you would a scent post. When finished hunting, cap it up, put it in your pack and all is self contained until your next hunt.

I've been using them since Bill Knappke first introduced them over 10 years ago. HS Scent now markest them.

Great product!
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Old 08-08-2007, 09:53 PM
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Default RE: deer scents

Id say drag rag. We use 100% fresh deer urine, (no preservatives) and after awhile the rags we'd use would get basically a "stale"smell the deer didnt like as much. So what we use now for our drag rags is, believe it or not, tampons. Just tie a string to the existing string, dowse with scent and drag. We ziplock bag em, and freeze em after use but after the freeze/thaw process we just pitch them after about 3-7 days of use. Works good, super absorbant, and dirt cheap compared to real drag rags.
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Old 08-09-2007, 12:44 AM
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Default RE: deer scents

After years of trying just about everything on the market I finally found a cover scent that works. Go to they make some stuff called deer heard in a stick. This stuff is great this will be my 4th year in a row to use it. I place some on a drag rag then hang it around my stand. Next I, place some on other drags and place around my stand area.
Every year I watch deer come done my trail right to the rag. Since I went to using the deer heard in a bottal I have seen more deer and had 80% more shot opperities. They also make a estrues lure called VS-1, this stuff is great also during the rut and post rut. I cost a little more then regular lures but it is money well spent.
Good hunting.
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Default RE: deer scents

I never used the scent sprays .. but my fiance' has

pre-rut - spray or drops in acouple places

during the rut - drag rag looping around ... drag by your shooting holes...
tie the rag about15yrds away from my stand; which side depends on the wind

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Default RE: deer scents

One product that I used for the past couple of seasons now is called BowHunter's Setup , it comes in a spray bottle you spray it onthe sides of your boots not the bottom and as you walk along a well used trail your boots brush up along the tall grass it leaves a sent trail to your location.
You can also spray some on leaves and twigs as you get closer to your stand , the deer seem to love this stuff as they follow this trail , they will stop to sniff and chew on the leaves and twigs that you have sprayed.
Sent drags work better if you start from your location and walk away from your stand as every hunter knows the sent will be stronger at the starting point and once the deer picked upthat sent they will follow it to it's original orgin.
Using a double drag rag is better allowing the hunter to lay two diffrent sents such as Trails End from WildLife Reshearch and Tinks No #1Doe Pee.
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