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Default Legal broadheads in your state

I was on another forum and saw a post that indicates Slick Tricks are not legal in OK. The broadheads there need to be at least 1" dia. and 1.5" in length.

I know the broadheads I am using here in MD are legal (minimum 7/8" dia). This may be a good time to re-check your state regs and see if the broadhead you are planning to use is legal.
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Default RE: Legal broadheads in your state

Broadhead must be larger than 7/8" in diameter in CA, so Ticks are good to go!
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Default RE: Legal broadheads in your state

Washington state...

"It is illegal to hunt big game animals with any arrow, including broadhead, measuring less than 20 inches in length, weighing less than 6 grains per pound of draw weight with a minimum arrow weight of 300 grains, and having sharp broadhead blade or blades less than seven-eighths inches wide. It is unlawful to hunt with a broadhead blade unless the broadhead is unbarbed and completely closed to the back end of the blade or blades by a smooth, unbroken surface starting at maximum blade width forming a smooth line toward the feather end of the shaft and such line does not angle toward the point. Retractable styled broadheads are illegal."

We have (in my opinion) the most confusing regulations....

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Default RE: Legal broadheads in your state

Funny that they make mention of a specified length of a broadheadfor archery season but make only mention of the width for crossbows. Sounds like the hunters of OK need to petition their DNR to get that regulation changed for the bow hunters.

Archery season............
Broadheads: Hunting type points not less than 7/8 inches wide and not less than 1 1/2 inches long.
Bolts (arrows): Minimum of 14 inches in length and equipped with broadhead hunting type points not less than 7/8 inches wide.
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Default RE: Legal broadheads in your state

In Nebraska it is a minimum of 3" of cutting edge which includes the length of all blades.
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