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Old 06-20-2007, 08:05 PM   #1
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Default ASAT vs. PREDATOR???

Hey guys and gals...I was just wondering which one of the two you like more. And which would you recomend for PA hunting. I like the coloration and patterns of PREDATOR but ASAT has good reviews.
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Default RE: ASAT vs. PREDATOR???

Both are great. It is a tough choice
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Default RE: ASAT vs. PREDATOR???

Not a PA guy but I opted for the Predator fall gray after seeing the black and white photos. Really busts up your outline. I'm sure that ASAT stuff does well too though. Both would do you good.
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Old 06-20-2007, 09:32 PM   #4
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Default RE: ASAT vs. PREDATOR???

Another vote for either, they are both great open patterns.
Lot of guys here seem to love Enigma as well (similar concept).

I think Predator looks better to the human eye, but since I am not a deer
I don't know which is more deceptive to a deer. Both are open and should break up your outline.
ASAT (as its name implies) is supposed to be all season, all terrain, whereas Predator has different
styles. If you are turkey hunting in the bushes, Predator has a specific suit, if you are stalking in
the snow, predator has a suit for that. The fall grey and deception look good to me for treestand use.

ASAT you get through dealers and website, Predator through dealers, website and Cabelas. Buckeye and Markj are asat dealers here.

Anyway, I own an ASAT 3-D suit and like it. If they had a Predator suit in 3-D, I might have bought one. See prior thread on reason why Predator does not do 3-D suit (I think posted by Greg/MO).
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Default RE: ASAT vs. PREDATOR???

I am big fan of ASAT. Check out their website pics in black and white as well! Awesome stuff!
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Old 06-20-2007, 09:34 PM   #6
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Default RE: ASAT vs. PREDATOR???

ASAT's a good pattern, no question about it. I've said it this way before: I've heard a lot of people report that ASAT "confuses the eye"... In my opinion, nothing obliterates the human outline like Predator when you're skylighted in a tree without the trunk behind you.

And if it works that well out in the wide open with the pale blue sky behind you... Well, it gets my vote for all my hunting needs.

Check out this photo of where the guy is NOT standing exactly in front of the tree trunk (**cough, cough** Realtree AP commercials ) and you'll also see that he isn't hidden in a myriad of big limbs, bushy leaves and other assorted foliage. I've talked many times with the guy who snapped this photo, and it was not taken with a digital camera and manipulated; it was withan old 35 mm camera and what you see is what it was.

Here's another one of the Fall Gray showing that it's equally as effective on the ground in the wide open... This is one of HuntingNet's members, Rutt, who inadvertently walked by his trailcam..

Again, ASAT is a good pattern, too. I just love the way Predator breaks up the outline like nothing else can, in my opinion. If you're looking for kind of a happy medium between the two, Jeff at Gray Wolf Woolens sells a very nice Fall Gray that has a more "tannish" base than Predator's cotton fabric, and he also is about the only place still stocking and selling Predator Fall Brown -- which has legions of fans too. It may be the perfect combination between Predator's geographic blocks which breaks up the human outline so well, and ASAT's more neutral tones... You can see more at www.graywolfwoolens.com
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Default RE: ASAT vs. PREDATOR???

If you want I can send you an ASAT DVD showing how it works and real situations. It has the black and whites etc. About a seven minute DVD.

Both are good patterns but I believeASAT is the only ONE you would need for most situations.

If I could figure out how to store the dvd on my computer I wouldpost the video but I dont have a clue.Nice video though.

To me the 3D Leafy is the way to go. Wear it over whatever you choose towear, no need to have a bunch of camo outergarments. Lots of benefits to it. Plusit is available all the time or in stock.

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Old 06-21-2007, 01:37 PM   #8
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Default RE: ASAT vs. PREDATOR???

I am in the market for some new camo and I am having the same dilemma. I am trying to decide between Predator Deception, ASAT and Natural Gear. I hunt primarily in VA., but would like something that I could use out west for an early Antelope or Elk hunt.


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Default RE: ASAT vs. PREDATOR???

Let me start off by saying, both Predator and ASAT are great patterns. I've used both Predator Spring Green and Fall Gray for 6 years now I think??? Anyway, I think it's killer stuff, and have proven the effectiveness not-only to myself, but also on-camera.

I started using Intrusion Treeline last year, as my good buddy Jeff Aulik from Gray Wolf Woolens created it, so I figured it's got to be worth trying. In my opinion, after using Predator for years and Intrusion for only a single season, I'll wear Intrusion over Predator. It has bigger chunks of "different colors", which is exactly what breaks the "edge" of a human being in a tree or on the ground. Remember, deer are animals of association. If they see something that looks out-of-place, they don't necessarily associate that with danger, sometimes they just look - and continue on their business (have documented this in video - showing perspective shots from where the deer was standing as well). Big difference with Predator, ASAT, and Intrusion is that the patterns do a better job of breaking up what a deer considers "danger", which is the human outline. The other camo is just blob camo that works sometimes, and when the big names get busted, they just edit it out! We show it all because we're not affraid to show the reality of hunting, and that the camo we use actually works!
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Default RE: ASAT vs. PREDATOR???

I just bought a full set of predator fall gray and can't wait for it to get here. I'm so excited. I'll probably put it on right away and go sit in one of my stands for awhile. But wait, ASAT looks really nice too. Maybe I should get a set of that too so every morning during bow season that I go out to hunt, I can flip on the bedroom lights and hold each outfit up to my wife and ask her which she'd wear?
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