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Range Finder

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Default Range Finder

I'm looking to purchase a range finder in the $200-250 range this year. This will be my first year bow hunting, so a lot of my funds have been spent on getting everything all setup. However, I would really like to get a range finder. What would be the best range finder that I could get for my money in that range? What are key things to look for when picking out a range finder? Any help would be much appreciated.

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Default RE: Range Finder

Bushnell® Yardage Pro® Scout Rangefinder

I have one of these and like it very much. Small, compact and one hand operationfor easy usewhile bowhunting or otherwise. Very easy finding your target and gives a fast reading.

Dark Green runs you $250

Camo runs you $270

If you get it at Cabelas... there is a $50 dollar mail in rebate from Bushnell. Expires June 30 2007.


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Default RE: Range Finder

I have the nikon laser 440. It is a great little rangerfinder and works great.
I am looking at the Leupold RX-II with the true ballistic range. They are $300.
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Default RE: Range Finder

I have a Nikon 440, my brother in law has a BushnellYardage Pro Scout. Just yesterday we did a comparison. Optical quality was better in the Nikon. Not by much but there was a noticable difference. When shooting a target object through brush the Nikon came out way ahead. The Bushnell gave a range for the obstructing brush, the nikon read through the brush to the target object. Operation in rain, the Bushnell was the big winner here. We had some heavy downpours yesterday and the bushnell read right through the heaviest of them. The Nikon could read in light to moderate rain but not the heavy stuff.
Accuracy at known ranges was equally good for both models. We measured the didtances to objects from my garage door and tested the units side by side.
Either of these rangefinders would work well for a bowhunter. The Nikon can generally be found for about $50 less than the Bushnell. My Nikon was a Christmas gift. If I had to go out and buy one for myself it would be a tossup with a lean towards the Bushnell due to its ability to read in heavy rain. That said am I going to be taking a shot in rain that heavy? The Nikon did range well in light to moderate rain. You can't go wrong with a choice between these two. If there are any other side by side tests you would like to see between these two let me know and I'll be happy to put my mad scientist lab coat back on and experiment!
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Default RE: Range Finder

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Default RE: Range Finder

I have three rangefinders,

Bushnell 400 (10 years oldhuge, and heavy!)

Bushnell Trophy (perfect for most archers) pocket sized and easy on the wallet too!

Leica 1200 Rangemaster ($599) Its best rangefinder on the market for ranging long distances IMO,but out of your price range and not needed for archery hunting.

The Bushnell Trophy cost $199 green, or $219 for camo. Cabelas also gives you a $20 mail inrebate. The Trophy goes from 5 yards out to 800 yards. For the money its a dang good rangefinder, its what I use for archery. Not quite as small as the Scout but its still pocket sized and easy to use with one hand.
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Default RE: Range Finder

has anyone tried the Leupold RX-II with the true ballistic range? i am thinking about buying it, but would like some reviews about it, thanks guys

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Default RE: Range Finder

Quick question on Nikon 440,

Is it mostly just good at short ranges for archery, or is it pretty good out to a couple hundred yards? I've seen where the cheaper ones are not as good at long yardage (obviously not talking about a bow shot here).

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Default RE: Range Finder

I believe the nikon is set up for from 10-400 yards.
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Default RE: Range Finder

I like the Nikon 440 for bow hunting. Never tried it out at long ranges, but I have ranged targets on the rifle range out to 100 yards okay. I had the low end bushnell yardage pro, it was okay but had trouble ranging black targets on the 3D range. Funny thing, today, the guy I sold it to and me were at the archery range and he wanted to sight in at 25 yards. My nikon read 25 and his read 24. A third friend had a tape, and we measured. The Nikon was right on.
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Quick Reply: Range Finder

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