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Old 11-18-2006, 06:34 PM   #11
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Default RE: Need help pulling back compound bow.

Are you listening to these guys? The bow is way, way too long. You should be shooting closer to 24-25" draw. That's why you can draw the bow back. You'd have to pull the string behind your head to be at full draw and you don't have nough movement in your body to do that, no matter how strong you become.

NUFF said by me. The othe guys have it covered.
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Old 11-19-2006, 08:13 AM   #12
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Default RE: Need help pulling back compound bow.

yah way to mutch draw length i am 13 and about5'4 and my draw lenght is only like 24 inches so you need to get that fixed and you shoud be able to pull it back and you still might not be able to pull back 55 pounds that is getting up there but dont worry about that
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Old 11-19-2006, 09:42 AM   #13
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Default RE: Need help pulling back compound bow.

You'll get there. Keep exercising, but remember archery is a mental game as well so work hard on your school work. Plenty of math and physical science involved. Your shooting to long of a bow that's for sure but many have no idea why that's bad, your learning first hand. You'll be better for it. Get things straightened out and work hard, it will keep you out of trouble and there's plenty of it these days.

I like your spirit kid. Your Dad must be a fine man.
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Old 11-19-2006, 10:36 AM   #14
Nontypical Buck
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Default RE: Need help pulling back compound bow.

These guys are right. Your draw length is the problem. You are plenty strong if you get a bow that FITS you. Good luck.
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Old 11-19-2006, 12:03 PM   #15
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Default RE: Need help pulling back compound bow.

Your problems are one reason I don't recommend compounds for youngsters. They have to be fitted properly to start with, then have to be re-fitted with every growth spurt. I'd really suggest getting on ebay and finding yourself an inexpensive recurve for now.

Find out what your draw length is, and how much you can draw comfortably. Factory recurves are always marked with the poundage they draw at 28". Custom recurves are marked with the draw weight the customer ordered at a specific draw length. It doesn't matter, the rule is the same.

Take the marked poundage and divide by 20. That will tell you how much the draw weight will vary from the marked weight, per inch of draw length.

Example: A recurve is marked 40 pounds at 28". Divide 40 by 20 which leaves you 2. The bow's draw weight will vary 2 pounds for each inch the draw length deviates from 28". Subtract 2 pounds for every inch under 28". (You would add 2 pounds for every inch over, to a certain point, but let's not confuse the issue.)

Now,once you knowwhat your draw length is and what draw weight is comfortable for you,you can choose a recurve that you can shoot NOW, and will grow with you as you grow. As you get bigger and stronger, the draw length and draw weight will increase. It's automatic. All you have to do is keep up your arrow supply.
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Old 11-19-2006, 12:50 PM   #16
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Default RE: Need help pulling back compound bow.

I had a 25'' draw length when I was like 5'4. 30' is WAY too long and will never work for you. I had trouble pulling 40 pounds at your age. I took my time, set it low and drew it a few times a day. In no time I was used to that bow and the draw weight kept getting higher. Now I can pull my dad's 80 pound bow. I have a 60 pound bow and 28'' inch draw, but I'm built up, older, and 5'11 now. I'm only 130 pounds but it doesn't make a difference if you just take your time and wait to get built up. I bench press and work out quite a bit. I would not try using your bow unless you can get the draw down to at least 25''. It makes a TON of difference to shorten the length. Good luck.
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Old 11-24-2006, 10:02 AM   #17
Fork Horn
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Default RE: Need help pulling back compound bow.

You sound like me when I was your age. the responses are right you need a bow that fits you better...sorry. good luck.
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