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Which GPS Unit

Old 11-17-2006, 10:54 AM
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Default Which GPS Unit

In the wake of Statjunks story what is the best GPS unit. What are somethings to look for when buying one.
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Old 11-17-2006, 11:54 AM
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Default RE: Which GPS Unit

It depends on which kind you want. For a nice hand held unit I like the Etrex series. They have all kinds of models with different options to suit pretty much anyone. I like the Vista Color, which has about everything you could need on a gps.

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Old 11-17-2006, 03:48 PM
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Default RE: Which GPS Unit

Just dont buy the Magellan Sportrak Color. It kind of sucks. Cant find a damn satelite some of the time.
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Old 11-18-2006, 01:08 AM
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Default RE: Which GPS Unit

You need to be sure to do ONE thing when you buy, make sure you buy a GARMIN GPS. They are the best, most user friendly brand on the market. I have been using Garmin gps units since about 1993. I bought a Magellan, Lowrance, and Garmin when I was starting out in GPS. I used all three, and compared the results. I kept the Garmin , a GPS 45 , and sent the others back for a refund.

Since then , I have bought a Garmin GPS 72. I use it for normal navigation, and I also have marked the boundaries of my lease, marked all of the stands on the lease, marked all of the feeders on the lease, and then marked the roads, trailsand creeks. I then used that information using the LAT. and LON. readings to place everything on a Delorem Topo USA Mapping program. I printed it out, and blew it up, made copies and laminated them. I now have a exact map of my entire lease, andI give multiple copies to other members, and we can scout and mark up the maps with trails, rub lines, scrape lines, and travel routes. We also use it to determine distance between stand locations so no one is hunting on top of anyone else. I put those distance measurements on the maps also.

With all that said, you can see that I use my GPS extensively, and I can honestly say that all of the units are capable of doing what I do with my Garmin, but none will do it as easily, ... ie..... user friendly.

And as far as models go, if you want something small , with the basics and a few extras, as was said before, look at the e-trex line up. If money is a factor, Look at the GPS 72 ( like mine ). It does a lot for $ 150.00. A little bit more memory, and the ability to down load waypoints from a pc gets you to the GPS 76, @ 200.00. *** Be sure to compare screen size *** that is one area where size does matter. I like a big screen, so I can see more of the area I am in at that time. Another thing to take note of is where the key pad is located on the GPS. A key pad located above the screen is better because you can hold the unit in one hand, use the buttons, and still see the screen. With the key pad towards the bottom, you cannot. You have to use two hands. I love that key pad placement on my unit. I can do everything using only one hand. The e-trex has the key buttons on the sides of the unit.

If money is not a factor, get a color display unit. The things to look for depend onhow you will use it. If you want the ability to download maps and waypoints from your PC, then you have to get a unit with that ability. If not, then look for a unit with at least a 12 parallel channel receiver, 10 reversable routes ( if you are not going to make many saveable routes but if you think you might then up that to 20 minimum ), 500 waypoint storage, a track log and track back feature. If you want something with walkie talkie ability , then look at the Rino line by Garmin. And if you are going to have other people hunting with you, like kids or wife or even friends, you can buy multiple ( 2 , 3 , 5, how many people in your family ? ) Rino units and every one have a GPS unit with walkie talkie capabilities, you can send each other short text messages, or the neat part is the peer to peer locator. Say you buy two units, one for you and one for your wife. You can look at your screen, and see where you wife is at, and she can see on hers where you are at. If you have kids and they each have one, you will see them and they will see you too. Everyone can see everyone. No more getting lost for anyone. GARMIN is the only manufacturer that hasthis capability.

I know this was long, but there is so much stuff having to do with GPS, it is hard to keep it short. Good luck in your search, but remember - BUY A GARMIN.

Good hunting and God Bless.
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Old 11-18-2006, 05:49 AM
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Default RE: Which GPS Unit

i have a magellan explorist xl. verry nice gps & user frendly.
go to
large color screen.i like mine.
good customer support also.
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Old 11-18-2006, 10:39 AM
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Default RE: Which GPS Unit

I've had 1 garmin, 2 megellans, and 1 lowrance.

magellan meridian color (old model now) - great gps. locked on beautifully. nice mapping sofware available

Lowrance i-finder hunt c - had to have mine serviced because it never locked on. Lowrance sent me a new one within 2 weeks! This one works awesome!!!!! The screen resolution and processing power completely blows away the meridian. best thing about the lowrance is it works with the sonar on my boat and it has 1 foot contours on many popular fishing lakes. that is what actually drove me to the lowrance. but, the mapping software that you pay about $100 is so bad it should be free!!!

Garmin - i owned mine so long ago i'm not even going to comment

I'd have to recommend a garmin. they own the market. the reviews i've read is they are a step ahead of everyone else when it comes to locking on. for me though, the lowrance made the best choice. My magellan is going on ebay in the next couple days.
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Old 11-18-2006, 04:48 PM
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Default RE: Which GPS Unit

My magellan takes for ever to lock on to satellites.

I think I might buy a Garmin.

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