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used tampons???

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Originally Posted by rookiebowhuntr_PA View Post
Alright guys my wife was talking with one of her girlfriends today about hunting. The girlfriend said that she heard a used tampon was a good attractantfor getting bucks to come in and that one of friends harvested a nice buck using this. He warmed the tampon in the microwave and then he put it in a baggie. Then opened it when he got in the woods.
Is this just a wives tale or have you heard of using a used tampon in any way to attract deer? I think if anything the deer would come out of curiosity? What do you all think? Sorry for the graphic nature but i just had to ask!
Id say any good Mr and Mrs Deer Hunter would be willing to understand the reality of a menstrating woman potientally drawing in a big buck.. I feel using a little common sense about the matter may the key here! ( meaning his wife must be CURRENTLY menstrating so blood is very fresh, ofcourse). Man shouldnt carry old tampons around. No man or deer are gonna messing around lookin for a good thrill sniffin a rank/ransid old tampon.
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Great way to attract a bear
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After the end of the hunting season, do you throw your microwave away?
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What is the big deal about this? Really??
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Originally Posted by bigbulls View Post
Man, what a bunch of sissy ninny boys we have here.

You all go out and kill a deer and don't mind one bit cutting out the guts, the bladder, intestines, anus, and all the bloody mess associated with that but a tampon with a little blood on it that you don't even have to touch in order to use it you are all disgusted by and afraid of ???????

Most of the males here are old enough to have had sex and many have kids so most have been to the same place the tampon came from and we all have had blood on our hands so what's sooooo bad about a tampon? I don't get it.

I have heard of this trick several times by several different people and all say that it does work.
This is the smartest reply on this subject yet. TRUDAT!!!
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Well bigbulls it is a disgusting thing to do and totally unnecessary to kill a buck. I do not drag trash into the woods. It has more to do with common sense and intelligence than being a sissy. I hear about that practice 50 years ago, I believed it was disgusting then and I still do, and I suspect there is a lot more talking about it than doing it. I would be careful who you are calling a sissy boy, at least to their face, when you are not protected by being anonymous on a computer.
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Quick Reply: used tampons???

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