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Am I being unfair??? (long story)

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Am I being unfair??? (long story)

Old 10-18-2006, 10:28 PM
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Default Am I being unfair??? (long story)

Here's the story. I am deer hunting for the first time EVER this year. I have gone out 3 times so far since archery season started here in KS. I teamed up with a fellow from my work who has deer hunted for 8 years. He has family property in western KS and has hunted public land around here years ago. I was able to get permission for both of us to hunt 100 acres 1 1/2hr north of where I live and have gained permission for more property 1 1/2 hrs south of here as well.

Last Saturday we went to the north property.We are hunting from ground blinds on this property and only about 60 yards from each other. I watched as a fork horn buck walkedin to 20 yards from my fellow hunter. My heart started racing since I have the only archery tag between us. He got spooked and ran away. If the deer hadwalked past him, I would have had a 30-40 yard shot.
Later that day, we went down to the south property and looked it over. We found out that the farmer had been putting out corn to keep the deer from eating his beans. Deer have already destroyed a bean field to the east of this farmer (supposedly 50-60 deer were seen 2 weeks ago in the field). Thisfarmer also counted 16 does last Thursday on his35 acre property and considers this a problem. He was happy to have us hunt his land.
Sunday morning we went back down and set up in tree stands the farmer already had set up.We were set up on opposite ends, the southand north end of this field, roughly 300-400 yards apart both facing into the field. At 8:40 AM I heardthe signal that my fellow hunter had taken a doe. According to the farmer, the deer normally should/would have traveled to the north end where I was set up, they never did. Later I found out, two does and 2 fawns showed up on the south end, only 3 of them left the field. Oh, I left out that we set in the rain for about an hour before he shot this doe.

I was happy for him to harvest a deer, but was sad that I did not.
Because it was raining and he did not have any rain gear, I chose not to go back out in the evening. This also allowed us to get back home early since it we were out late the night before and we both had to work Monday.
When we got back to town, he gave the deer away to a co-worker. I asked him why he gave the doe away. He said because both he and his wife have firearm tags for section 1 in western KS.The other day he asked meto consider going back down this weekend. Now, I find out hehas told another coworker that he would give them a deer.

I told him that that I would go back down this weekend, but that if he got another doe and I cameback empty handed that I would not take him down there again. He asked me today if I was serious about saying that yesterday. I said that I was. He of course feels that I am being a ridiculous and that I should not act this way. Today he said that he might as well not go down then. Because I am much heavier then him, the tree stand he was in will not support my weight. So, we cannot just switch ends of the field. His attitude is that if a doe walks past him again, he will take the shot.

My feeling on it: he knows I have never taken a deer and he could have passed up the shot to give me an opportunity to harvest my first deer. All 3 times I have went deer hunting, it was with him. I have spent the last 2 years, getting ready to try my hand at deer hunting. I was the person who asked permission for us to hunt on these lands. I feel he at least owes me the chance to either bag my first deer or miss.

What would you do in my position???

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Old 10-18-2006, 10:35 PM
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Default RE: Am I being unfair??? (long story)

I can understand your position. How many deer ahs this guy taken with a bow? The least he could have done was offer you the meat from the deer since you invited him out to hunt on some property that YOU did the legwork on.
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Old 10-18-2006, 11:19 PM
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Default RE: Am I being unfair??? (long story)

Relax and go huntin. You never know where they are going to come from. This is about having fun
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Old 10-18-2006, 11:46 PM
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Default RE: Am I being unfair??? (long story)

Not trying to start a war here but I think you're being immature about the situation. Hunting isn't all about killing, it's about being out there. If he shot a deer good. If he shoots another one good. If you don't kill one don't getmad at him cuz he did, thats ridiculous.Thats what hunting is, it's not a guarantee. I do agree with the other post that he shoulda offered to give ya the deer. But don't get mad because he happened to set up or whoever set him up in a good postion where the deer are traveling. If you can't use that stand because it won't support you, take the ground blind and set up somewhere else
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Old 10-19-2006, 12:33 AM
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Default RE: Am I being unfair??? (long story)

The way it sounds to me, there are plenty of deer out there. Get after it and hunt. Hunt those corn piles or trails leading to them. It does seem that it would have been courteous for the other guy to offer you the deer if he didn't want it, but I wouldn't sweat it. A lot of people would be glad to have the hunting situation you seem to have there, close to the house and all. Get out there and hunt!
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Old 10-19-2006, 12:40 AM
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Default RE: Am I being unfair??? (long story)

Good replys, I do a lot of hunting by myself and enjoy it. Sometimes it nice to haveanother person to share the experience with, but, just go out and learn how to hunt. I spent the first 4 years bow hunting to never even get a shot. But I learned a lot, and have good success. Good luck in your hunts, and dont let someone else spoil it for you. If you do it was your choice to let them get to you.
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Old 10-19-2006, 03:04 AM
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Default RE: Am I being unfair??? (long story)

the way i see it chestnut.your coworkerdid the right thing by taking the doe.the reason i say this is because if he would of allowed that doe to pass him what makes you think that doe would of came by you. there is a lot of different routes for this does to take. iknow there is that "what if".

dont sweat the small stuff. enjoy being out there. the way i see it, the more time your out there hunting the better you get and youlearn a lot more.

the bad thing about you being rude to the coworker is that you lost some private property to hunt on, and he could of showed you the spots to hunt on the public hunting areas.

the only thing i see wrong or disrespectful from the coworker is that he didnt offer themeat to you. he should of offered it to you first. have fun and make new friends. happy hunting!
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Old 10-19-2006, 04:33 AM
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Default RE: Am I being unfair??? (long story)

If you didn't want him to shoot the deer why did you take him along? It's pretty selfish on your part to take someone hunting and then expect them to just sit there and let deer walk by so that they may come your way. What would you have him do if not shoot the deer? Is he just your traveling companion that you have along for advice?
Sounds a little harsh I guess, but I'm really curious as to what your intent for him was...if not to kill a deer.
Also, you said...."Last Saturday we went to the north property.We are hunting from ground blinds on this property and only about 60 yards from each other. I watched as a fork horn buck walkedin to 20 yards from my fellow hunter. My heart started racing since I have the only archery tag between us." So, if the guy did not have a tag, why was he hunting in the first place? Did he get a tag before he took the doe?
Maybe I missed something in your story and if so, I'm sorry. Just sounds a little off to me.
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Old 10-19-2006, 04:48 AM
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Default RE: Am I being unfair??? (long story)

No, I left something out. I have the only archery either sex tag. He has only a doe tag since his buck tag is for area 1 in western KS.

I think you all are missing the point here. I do not just want the meat. If I did,I would just let him do the shooting, put my tags on themand I would keep my a$$ in the truck. Hell, if I just wanted the meat, my stepbrother is a sheriff deputy of that county and he offered to call me whenever he takes a deer/car accident call.

Yes,it does seem to be plenty of deer around this place he took his doe. But,he will have the opportunity to take a deer or twosince he has 2firearm tags. He has gotten greedy thinking he will be able to buy every legal tag and fill each one of them.

Let me tell you something, it is no fun sitting 20ft in the air with your a$$ trying to sit on a board that measures less then 6" X 9" with no paddingwhen you weigh 300lbs. This isthe only field on this property. I have read many posts about how important cover scent is when ground hunting. I am not sure if I have that covered yet.

What I have not told you is that he is the type of person that complains about people not giving him the opportunity to hunt deer on their land. Yet, he has sole permission to hunt land about 2 1/2hrs east of here, but complains of the distance he has to drive to get there. Which is a much shorter drive then out to western KS. He did take a doe from that property last year during firearm season.

And what makes thewhole situation worse is the I am his supervisor. So, Icannot not show any grudgeagainst him at work. Plus he is about15 yrs older then I am.
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Old 10-19-2006, 04:53 AM
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Default RE: Am I being unfair??? (long story)

I think a real friend would try and help you get your first deer.

The person you are hunting with apparently is not, he is just a hunting buddy. Once you accept that, maybe you can come up with a solution. If you start a war here, it may carry over to work.

One thing, if this guy is going to shoot everything that walks by him, you need to be further away from him, regardless.

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Quick Reply: Am I being unfair??? (long story)

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