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Default Rattle, grunt, or neither?

Place: central WI

Time: post primary rut


I don't know what thedoe/buck ratio is. I'm afraid that rattling or bleating/grunting might scare awaythe buck I'm after if he's nearby. I'm also afraid that he might be nearby but just wont happen to come my way that day if I don't call him in. What would you do?

Devil's Lake State Park near Wisconsin Dells is where this buck is. Does anyone know the doe/buck ratio for this area? The 130 net on my wall is probably his dad considering he's in the exact same spot where I shot his could be pop in '01. I'm all for family reunions. Help me set it up.
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Default RE: Rattle, grunt, or neither?

Never hunted up there just camped and drank to many beers! About calling. I've bowhunted WI for 13 yrs not a lot but enough. Unless your on private land. Deer have probably heard it all. I've only rattled in 3-4 deer, and grunted in 5-6 deer. I just findsign, find the bedding, and the food. I don't do much blind calling anymore. I save the calling for a deer I see and am trying to get to come into range.
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Default RE: Rattle, grunt, or neither?

This time of year your better off being stealth as possible. The deer have been hunted for several months and are on their last nerve. Just my opinion but I would be quiet as a mouse, still as a rock, and enter your spot in the least entrucive way possible.
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Default RE: Rattle, grunt, or neither?

I would stick to the grunting if i were you. You don't want to be too aggresive with the deer. I have scared bucks off before by rattling where as with a grunt they just might not always pay attention! Good Luck!
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Default RE: Rattle, grunt, or neither?

I've hunted in Wisconsin for 38 years. At this time of year the Bucks do not want to fight, so do not rattle. I would use a soft grunt to get his attention in addition with some doe bleats. A curiosity thing. I was near your area this weekend and did not see any rut activity. What I saw was a lot of feeding activity. I shot a buck with a gun that had already shed one antler, the other fell off when he hit the ground. Seems early to me. There may be a third streak of rut activity near the 1st of the year for some fawns, but that may be close to the end of your season. As far as buck/doe ratio, not good enough for competition or agressive calling.
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