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how to fin wounded deer

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Default how to fin wounded deer

I was just wondering how far wounded deer can go. I shot a doe in the morning and hit high, we looked for it for 4 hours and and never foung it. We found my arrow and it wasnt broken. The blood trail was really weak and didnt show any signs of a good shoot. In the after noon i shoot a six point buck and hit really high. The arrow broke of in side of the buck, but there still wasnt a good blood trail. Im a good shooter but under pressure i get really shaky. I dont want this to happen again is there any way to prevent this from happen again?
Thank James
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Default RE: how to fin wounded deer

In my opinion(and please dont take this as a slam) you should have spent more time looking for the doe before shooting another deer.I have personally trailed them for nearly a mile before finding them,dont be afraid to get down on hands and knees if you must,there is always some sort of sign left behind,it may be the size of a pin head but it is there.I suggest taking only one person with you to keep from obliterating what sign is there,mark what you find with toilet paper to try to get a line on where its heading. As a last resort start making ever bigger circles from last sign checking all thickets ,blowdowns,draws etc. They like to hide good when they know they are going down,also check earby water holes,sometimes they head for water.Please spend tomorrow (all day if necessary) trying to recover your two deer. Try to get ahold of someone with experience tonight to help. Some states allow the use of dogs for game recovery,check into this.Maybe your local warden can put you in touch with someone with deer trailing dogs.Good luck and be persistant. Might take some peroxide in a spray bottle with you to confirm blood spots(blood will make it fizz.
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Default RE: how to fin wounded deer

You wounded 2 deer in one day. That is bad, really bad. Shooting at alive animal is obviously much different than targets as you have seen. You have 3 options: 1.Get better at tracking so you can find the deer you shoot, 2. calm down and actually make an efficient killing shot 3. stop hunting until numbers 1 and 2 and second nature for you.

Some things are true whether you believe them or not.
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Default RE: how to fin wounded deer

First, most bowhunters track their deer way to quickly. Always give a good shot one hour or even two. If its not a good shot or your not sure, give it 6,8 or 10 hours before you try tracking at all. If its in the evening, just wait till morning. You can't push the deer at all.

Four hours isn't much when looking for a wounded deer. Get some more people to help and spend the whole day (10-12 hours). You said your blood trail was weak. Weak is one spot the size of a pin head every 25- 30 yards. But your deer needs to be dead first or you'll just push it. Thats why waiting is so important!

You wanted to know how to not have this happen again. Go shoot from your stand (practice), and set limits on how far you'll shoot. Maybe it will be only 10 yards! Set your limit where you have 100% no problem with perfect kill shots.(even if your shakey) Last follow my advice on tracking.

Start over from square one....Good Luck!

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Default RE: how to fin wounded deer

I highly recommend this book [he may have a new one out]. I got the following information and reviews from I also think Outdoorsman's Edge Book club has the newest book available but they have revised their website and until I get a new membership number I can't check the availability of Trout's newest book on trailing wounded deer.

Trailing Whitetails
by John Trout
Publisher: North Country Press; ISBN: 0896211096; (January 1987)

Must reading for the serious whitetail hunter., November 23, 1998
This book is loaded with facts about whitetail behavior, in addition to addressing the serious questions a hunter asks him or herself after they fire a shot. It took me 35 years and forty-five deer to learn only half of the strategies for understanding deer reactions after the instant the trigger is squeezed. While a factual presentation, this book is easy and interesting to read. Makes an excellent and unusual gift to the advanced hunter who already knows the "basics".
Trailing Whitetails by John Trout Jr. is the best book on the topic of recovering wounded deer that I've come across. At my NYS Bowhunter Education classes I recommend it as a "must read" for all beginning bowhunters. I have given many copies away as gifts. After 30 years of bowhunting for whitetail deer I still find myself refering back to this important book.

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Default RE: how to fin wounded deer

all the advise you have recieved is good,the only thing I can add,is to get someone that has hunted and tracked before to teach you or you go with them and learn from them.

I am not a hunter I am a whitetail population reduction specialest

remember keep your back to the sun, your knife sharp, and your powder dry.
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Default RE: how to fin wounded deer

Last year my brother shot a deer with his muzzeloader, a 100gr charge with a 300gr XTP in a sabot. My brother and i looked for 2 hours after waiting 1 hour for her to die, then my brother left for the purdue football game, and then he was going to return later. i spent the next 5 hours looking in the general direction that the deer went. there was no blood trail at all. not even at the impact point. there was no exit wound and the strange thing was no blood came out of this deer at all, no blood on the deers fur at all, just a perfect entrance wound and the bullet stopped against the rib cage on the other side.
well any way i found the deer in a creek about 300-400 yards from where she was shot. you have to stick with it a long time. try looking at natural boundaries that a wounded deer cant get thru, in my case it could get a steep 8' bank on the other side of the creek

you can never have too many guns
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Default RE: how to fin wounded deer

The doe I shot this year, was a high shot and did not pass through. It took out the heart and stopped against a rib. She bled plenty inside, but there was absolutley no blood trail. I was watching and listening until she was out of sight. Just seconds later I heard her go down in the brush. I could hear her calling to her 5 sisters that were nearby, then she quit. I got to where I had last seen her and started searching from there. I found her against a tree about 30 yards further along the trail.
So, keep looking they are both out there somewhere. Like has been said, try to get some more experienced tracking help. Good luck James.

The best of luck in all your hunting endeavors!!!

God Bless,
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Default RE: how to fin wounded deer

Wait four hours on a liver hit and ten hours on a gut shot before tracking. Use a tracking dog. They can turn your 2-4 hour search into a 15 minute recovery. For high hits above the vitals and below the're probably screwed.
L & O
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Default RE: how to fin wounded deer

All good advice.....I think time is the most important aspect. You have got to give the animal time to die without pushing it and you must spend plenty of time looking for the animal.

Volunteer your help on tracking jobs with other hunters. Tell them you are new to tracking deer and you want to learn. Most will be more than happy for you to tag along since you will be another set of eyes and another back to help drag. Tracking is not easy and the only way to learn is by doing it.
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