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Default Dogs

I am back in my stand tonight a just before dark my neighbors dogs start running all over my food plot peeing and the such. I chased the dogs off and went straight to the neighbors house and explained the situation. I asked him to please keep his dogs contained espically during deer season, and he explaianed he would not, he would let them run. What would you do? I have a lot of time and money invested in food plot and such
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Default RE: Dogs

I'm not sure how big the area is but you might be able to install an electric fence about dog level. Some of them will give a pretty good jolt and the deer will just jump over them. Too bad the neighbor can't be a little more neighborly!
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Default RE: Dogs

Catch the dogs and call animal control.
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Default RE: Dogs

The 3 S's. Shoot, Shovel and SSSHHH
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Default RE: Dogs

Live with them or shoot them, seems to be about split on this one. Read here:
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Default RE: Dogs

Iv had some experiences with dogs bowhunting. One time for youth deer gun season scared a big ol doe to me. I missed tho.
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Default RE: Dogs

Yep, I would be practicing my shooting form on them, Cant say that you have not talked to him. If they end up at the bottom of the river, its his own fault.
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Default RE: Dogs

That sucks, that he is so stubborn as to not keep his dogs up a little more when asked. I had a similar problem with my brothers hound getting in my trash barrel, he lives about 1/4 mile away, after a few times, and a couple tries at asking him to keep him home, I tried a rubber blunt tip on an old aluminum arrow, first time it knocked him off his feet, and sent him home yelping, two days later, I caught him trying to get past my yard without coming too close, so he got it one more time, he never came into my yard again, and wasnt injured, just pretty sore. By the way where at in central MO are you at? Hows the hunting going there?
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Default RE: Dogs

That bites! Do you own the land? If so farmers out here just shoot them. Now I don't know if I could dothat but if it were my land and they are running on it and I spoke with the guy and he flat out said no,I would contact the DNR. They will tell you how to handle it. The way you handle it is up to you. But you need to do something especially with all that time money and work put in. Good luck!
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Default RE: Dogs

Tell him if they come onto your property you wont hesitate to shoot them
That should make him keep them on his side of the fence.


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