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Huting in rain

Old 09-26-2005, 05:17 PM
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Default RE: Hurting in rain

Hunting in a light rain or drizzle can be a great situation for several of the reasons stated above, but there is one main reason that I like hunting during a light rain/drizzle and that is moisture helps to increase the palitability of the food for deer. Since food tastes better to the deer then, I will often hunt over or near a food source. I havne't always seen a shooter buck during these times, but I have seen several deer when sitting over picked and standing fields of corn.

Goodluck hunting
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Default RE: Hurting in rain

In a tree stand during bow season, no I won't hunt in the rain. Mainly because I'm a wuss and get cold really easy. Now if I'm out there and it starts to rain I will stay for a while. Deer seem to like the rain as long it's not heavy and loud.

During gun season in a blind, who cares. I will hunt in a rain or snow storm, doesn't matter to me. I have a pretty nice blind though and use a small propane heater as well.

My version of gun hunting is not really much like hunting I will be honest. More like sitting around in a small elevated room eating snacks until something comes within snyper range[]. I'm limited to shotgun or muzzle loader though, so they have to at least get within 100 yards most of the time. The farthest shot I have actually taken was 80 yards.

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Default RE: Hurting in rain

Its raining right now ...deer are feeding out back
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Default RE: Hurting in rain

I hunted yesterday in the rain for 4 hours. I bought one of those tree umbrellas from wally world and kept me completely dry. It was a steady rain too it was quite comfy.
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Default RE: Hurting in rain

I do hunt in the rain but won't shoot if it is a heavy rain or downpour. A well placed arrow in a light drizzle or mist can still result in a good blood trail and a quick recovery.
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Default RE: Hurting in rain

If a can see I'll be there

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Default RE: Hurting in rain

my only concern is that if i have the oppurtunity to shoot then i won't be able to track it but for the most part i'm stayin' out there in any and all weather conditions...even a tropical that was just stupid on my part.
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Default RE: Hurting in rain

I like when there's a light rain or drizzle, the deer seem to feel more secure with thier movements plus it makes it easy to getin and set up QUIETLY!
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Default RE: Hurting in rain

i'm not no long time hunter i'm a youngin but from wat i'm learnin i like to hunt in the rain mainly a drizzle...seems like the bucks and does move around more because the woods is wet wich means they can be even more quiet as so can the cool off from the rain is pleasing in the early season!!
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Default RE: Hurting in rain

If it's going to be a downpour for all day, I'll stay in. If it is a lighter manageable rain, I'll hunt, or if it is only chances of intermittent hard rain, I'll hunt. I've found several deer with little to no blood trails for one reason or another.
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