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Old 08-18-2005, 05:08 PM   #1
Fork Horn
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Default Corn for deer?

Whats up guys?

For those who dump corn on the ground, do you just put the corn in a pile an leave it or do you add things like honey or some type of minerals. Since I'm hunting a place this year where only I am allowed to hunt I though I might try a pile of corn and see what it brings in. I would also like to have it out well before Oct. 1st. when bow season starts here.

Or maybe some apple isntead? I'm new at putting out food for the deer.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Nontypical Buck
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Default RE: Corn for deer?

I like to put out cans of corn at 20, 30, and 40 yds. then I tie the can opener to a licking branch over a mock scrape. boy o boy, I can't wait.
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Default RE: Corn for deer?

im hoping its legal where you hunt. In ky its legal, we broadcast it in a big circle . dont make it thick or it will mold when wet then they wont touch it. also deer dont particularly like to eat right next to one another so by spreading it out. more deer can eat at once. no need to add anything. if they find it they will eat it.
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Old 08-18-2005, 05:29 PM   #4
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Default RE: Corn for deer?

I never pile up corn. When I do put out corn or pellets, I just scatter it all over the place in my effective shooting range. IMO, it's not good to have one big pile, if it's scattered, the deer will have to move around more and it allows more deer to nibble.
No, I don't add anything to my corn, but that's just me.
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Fork Horn
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Default RE: Corn for deer?

I take corn that has been dipped in molasses and spread it out in a nice little area that is about 20 to 25 yards from my stand. In Maryland it's legal to bait so I go to Southern States and have a palate of corn delivered to the house and one a week or so I run a 50lb bag out to all the different stands that I hunt.

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Default RE: Corn for deer?

Dont put it in one big pile, not only can it get mouldy, but depending on which angle the deer comes into the pile, it might not have the right angle for a good shot. Just throw it all over the place and make the deer have to move around, that will make sure that a good shot angle will take place. It certainly wouldnt hurt to throw some apples out there with the corn, but corn alone will bring them in like a moth to a flame.
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Default RE: Corn for deer?

get yourself one of those Moultrie econno feeders and you don't have to go there every day or two to put it out.just fill it and forget it for about a mo.then you don't scatter your sent around also when you walk in and out.it will put it in about a 20 or 30" circle,so the deer walk all around to get at it.
I just use plain corn no additives,they love.we call it yellow acorns.
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Default RE: Corn for deer?

Here in NJ we are allowed to bait. Part of the bow season I make use of corn mixed with mollasses. I tend to disperse maybe 5-10 pounds of it in a circle that's about 20 feet in diameter. I just make sure I am situated in my shooting zone, walk in this circle and drop it on the ground at the same time I'm throwing some out with my hands. Sort of like a broadcast spreader. This way, the deer will have to work amongst the grass and leaves to eat the corn and it will allow more deer to graze at once.
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Default RE: Corn for deer?

Here in South Carolina most people wouldn't even consider going deer hunting without corn. That said, I'm not one of them. I do put out corn, but rarely hunt over it. Corn is great if you want to see does and immature deer, but if you are hunting for bucks with any age then get back down the trail away from the corn. I put out corn to keep the deer on my property, because in the south it is "he who has the biggest corn pile wins" I hunt 850 acres of private land with very limited access and from about July 4th to around Christmas I put out 4,000 lbs. of cob corn onceeach month, usuallya ton in two different spots located in very concealed areas within the center of my property. A put that much out at each time toreduce the amount of human scent left and also so it is not such a frequent production. The key to putting out corn is to startway before hunting seasonso the deer become accustomed to using it as a frequent food source. Use cob corn becausethe deer will have to work harder at getting the corn and overall it will last much longer than shelled corn. Don't get me wrong though, when you first start feeding corn to a deer herd that has never had it before you may have a good opportunity to harvest a nice buck, but after a very short period all the deer will start to figure out that a corn pile is a dangerous area and deer sightings will decline drastically. If you have ever seen a deer walk up to a corn pile somewhere that corn has been used a long time you would understand just how cautious theybecome. Most of the time they use the wind to their advantage walking in. To those in states that do not permit baiting I know it sounds like a real advantage, but I personally think overall baiting most of the time screws up the natural movement of deer. That is why I use it as a tool to keep deer on my property, but choose to instead hunt travel routes.
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Default RE: Corn for deer?

Since nobody has touched on the subject of why not to pile corn up, I'll jump in...... The mold that will grow on moist corn is called Antifloxin, it is very very bad for deer to eat it after is has the spores growing on it, it will and can kill younger deer that eat it.....

But back to the corn .... just throw out 5-10 pounds in the same spot for a couple weeks and see what shows up, you may be suprised....

Texas info.......4 million whitetail deer in Texas, annually hunter purchase over 300 million pounds of corn a year that estimate is suspected to be very low....one 20,000 acres farm reported buying over 388,000 pounds in just one season.....
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