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quik spin fletching

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Default RE: quik spin fletching

Here's a bunch of info I got from NAP. I asked if they were quiet in flight and if it would shoot out of a Whisker B. or Whisper Disk. There's a lot of great info below their answer. It should answer all your questions...

Hi Bob,

We haven't shot them through a Whisker Biscuit so we can't answer your question
with any certainty. However, we do know the QuikSpin is more durable with
regard to wrinkling than many other brands. The reason is that the QuikSpin has
elastic memory because it is molded. So we would expect that it will last
longer than standard vanes but we do not know how much longer.

Deflection is not an issue because all three vanes will have equal pressure
being exerted as the arrow passes through the biscuit.

The vane is noticeably quieter than standard vanes and much quieter than a
feather. This is mainly because the vane does not flutter like a flag in the
wind. Most other vanes flutter excessively.

Below is a bunch more info on the vane for your perusal. Hope this helps.

The follow describes the vane and explains what it does.

The QuikSpin vane is currently offered in 4 inch.

The QuikSpin vane is currently offered the following colors: White, Black,
Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Green, and Olive Drab.

The QuikSpin vane weighs 12.8 grains each so the total weight as compared to a
standard plastifletch is about 13 or 14 grains heavier per arrow.

The QuikSpin vane incorporates Micro-Grooves on one side and on the opposing
side is the profile of the kicker and a smooth surface. The Kicker is a small
(0.062 thickness profile) strategically positioned airfoil which coupled with
the Micro-grooved opposing surface creates a difference in air pressure side to
side which creates spin. Additionally, the Micro-Grooves provide rigidity,
which prevents the vane from flopping wildly in the air stream. The rigidity
helps to stabilize (prevent flapping) the vanes almost immediately out of the
bow. This effect allows the kicker at the back end to function more effectively
as spin increases.

The kicker is molded secondarily after the base. The profile is such that the
vane can be used in any standard fletching jig or automatic fletching machine.

The durability is similar to other such plastic products.

In a speed decay test the 20 yard speed of the QuikSpin vane was 246 FPS, while
a plastifletch was 247 FPS and 4 inch helical feather was also 247 FPS.

Down range precision is increased as a function of being able to stabilize the
arrow almost immediately out of the bow and maintaining aerodynamic stability
due to spin. Basically it is the same idea a gun manufacture uses when making a
highly rifled barrel for target shooting.

The ability to stabilize a standard broadhead is also increased.

Noise is about the same to the human ear as a standard plastifletch.

Perfectly straight on the shaft, the QuikSpin spins about equal to or slightly
greater than a 5-inch helical feather wrapped at a 3 to 4 degree helical.

At about 1 degree offset (or 1/16th inch over the 4 inch vane length) the
QuikSpin will approach 3000 rpm or about twice as fast as a 5 inch helical

The spin is intentionally to the right. As a broadhead manufacturer, we promote
right spin for a very sound reason. Mainly right spin tightens the arrow against
the broadhead upon impact. With the spin intentionally to the right, we
recommend either straight, offset right or right helical.

The following information provides data on some of the testing we have performed

The first tests were designed simply to show us the number of rotations that
occur over 20 yards. The process was simple. We marked 1 yard increments with
tape on the floor. We then placed a shooting machine at each mark down the
range and shot a group of arrows with a specific vane/feather configuration. The
cock vane position resulting at the target was recorded on a data sheet. The
data sheets actually had 1 inch circles marked off like the face of a clock so
the visual position was easily marked. An average for the group was taken and
standard deviations were calculated.

The interesting thing about this type of test is that we could very quickly see
the comparisons from vane type to vane type.

Additionally we incorporated a chronograph set up at the target for each
recording distance. Knowing the speed at the target from each distance also
allow us to calculate RPM's and determine speed decay.

We determined with a rather detailed and complex series of tests that to
stabilize a broadhead at about 260 FPS the arrow needs to turn about 1 rotation
over 3 yards.

Our previously recorded data was then able to provide even more information, and
in this case, very useable information. We looked at each data set and found
the range at which each fletching type produced 1 full turn.

A standard 4 inch vane (AAE, Duravane, Bohning, Etc.) with a 1/16th inch offset
reaches 1 full rotation between 12 to 15 yards.

A 5 inch helical feather with a 3 to 4 degree wrap reaches 1 full rotation in
between 4 and 7 yards.

A QuikSpin 4 inch perfectly straight reaches 1 full rotation between 4 and 7

A QuikSpin 4 inch with a 1/16th inch offset reaches 1 full rotation between 1
and 4 yards.

We find that the increase in rate of the rotational vector is greatest as the
arrow leaves the bow. Once the arrow begins to rotate 5 turns in 3 yards, the
rotational acceleration slows down. However the spin rate remains very high.

We do not yet know when the rotational rate begins to decelerate.

Cary J. Pickands
Technical Support Specialist
New Archery Products, Corp.
7500 Industrial Drive
Forest Park, IL 60130
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Default RE: quik spin fletching

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Default RE: quik spin fletching

Thanks for the Info - Very interesting. I already bought em so I'll let you know after I'm set up.
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Default RE: quik spin fletching

called my suppler today to order some quick spins. They said the frist
run had been all rejected. They had a problem to work out.
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Default RE: quik spin fletching

[:@]Bummer! I was hoping you are talking about their hats
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Default RE: quik spin fletching

Does anyone know if the problems with the quick spin fletchings has been worked out and if the availabilty date has changed?
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Default RE: quik spin fletching

called my suppler today to order some quick spins. They said the frist
run had been all rejected. They had a problem to work out.
Hmm. IF that is true, I wonder where all those Quickspins that are for sale on Ebay are coming from. Has anyone done some dumpster diving lately?
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Default RE: quik spin fletching

cabelas has them 36 for 19.99
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Default RE: quik spin fletching

I fletched three arrows with them over the weekend.I followed the directions and put a slight right offset on them.I'm shooting a Mathews lx,cx 300 shafts off a trophy taker at 299 fps.They grouped right with the same shats that were fletched right helical with 4 inch vanes.Due the the expense of these vanes,I didn't try to shoot a group but they seemed to shoot a little more consistantly than the regular vanes.It wasn't a big difference but I do think they shot slightly better. I also shot several arrows with 100 gr slick trick's,90 gr muzzy's and 100 gr 3 bladed muzzy's.Every single arrow went exactly where it was intended.I didn't have one flier.Distance was 30 yards.I get simolar results with helical but these definately seemed more consistant.Other than the price,I think they're a winner.
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Default RE: quik spin fletching

If you guys are so interested in the QuikSpin why don't you help them out by choosing your favorite vane colors and sizes. Here's a direct link to the page:


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