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one pin sights

Old 03-02-2014, 02:45 PM
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Default one pin sights

what does everybody use for one pin sight. looking at an hha. what is everybodys input on the one pin and does everybody like them? are they easy to setup? and do u have to set them at 20 and 60 yds? i prefer like 20 and 40. i will never shoot 60 yds. thanx for any input.
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I have shot the HHA single pin for years. It is the same process to set up as a pin sight. You set your first distance and mark it. Move the slide and dial in your second distance, mark it. Same with the third distance etc. You must move the slide to the distance you want to shoot.

You can easily adjust the left and right. I wait to adjust the left and right at 30 or 40 yards. Anything less is too close to give you an accurate reading on being left or right.

I personally do well with the single pin and have no problems remembering to move the sight to the correct distance. For whatever reason, I can not use a pin sight. I go the first pin and shoot. I guess that has to do with being blonde.

The sight is very durable, it has been all over the world with me hunting and I have never had a problem with it.

Hope this helps!
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I switched over from a multiple pin sight to a 1 pin sight last year. my reason for doing this was because I always seem to pick the wrong pin. Made a big difference because now it forces me to use my range finder more often. love it.
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I have an HHA on one of my bows, got it right about 3yrs ago.

Setting them up is mega simple. I turn the sight all the way as low as the trigger will go (sight as high as it goes = shortest range). Then I shoot at 10yrds and move the sight, not the trigger, to get it on target. Then I start moving back - for my bow, there's no real difference between 10-25yrds, so my first mark is everything inside 25yrds. I back up 5yrds, shoot a few pins, adjust the sight, get it on target, make another mark. Back up 5 more yards, repeat, repeat, repeat until you reach your desired max range. Don't wanna go to 60yrds, don't walk all the way back.
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I agree, most bow sights on the market today come with 5 pins? With today's bow speeds, unless you hunt out west where 50-60 yard shots are the norm, using 1 or 2 pins is all you need. Agree with the 20 and 40 yard settings as well.
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Old 03-18-2014, 08:30 AM
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I went to a single pin last year because I started shooting on a 3d course as practice (not in compitiion) for deer season. heck of alot more fun than standing and shooting at a block target all the time. Out of forty targets on this course not one was at even yardages and I couldnt stand spliting pins. Over the course of 30 years of hunting I have never shot at a deer over 25 yards so while hunting all I need is one pin
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Originally Posted by bigmster127 View Post
what does everybody use for one pin sight. looking at an hha. what is everybodys input on the one pin and does everybody like them? are they easy to setup? and do u have to set them at 20 and 60 yds? i prefer like 20 and 40. i will never shoot 60 yds. thanx for any input.
HHA (Optimizer) I have it on all of my bows and recommend it to clients all the time. Its super easy set up and no wrench tuning yields awesome results. Even though you don't plan on shooting out far like 60 yards its still fun to shoot in the yard or just shooting around with your friends. And as for your question on if you have to set them at 20-60 you don't have too, we set ours 10-70. Its whatever you want to set it at. After you set it at 10 you just have to move it down and find your 20 mark, then 30 its super simple. It comes with 30 or 40 pre printed yardage tapes one will always fit your set up. I use the blank ones it comes with and mark my own instead of using the pre printed.
Hope this helps, good luck
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Old 06-11-2014, 09:23 AM
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I use to shoot a HHA for many years...great site! Sighted in at 20 and 60 did some quick basic math and applied the designated numbered tape and was all set. Fast and easy! Pin brightness was great as well. Just recently switched to a 5 pin spot hogg hogg-it though and Im liking that a lot i don't have to make any adjustments before the shot....just less to think about. Especially when you have a deer come barreling in and your trying to judge range or maybe range him with your range finder...always happens so quick and don't want to risk not moving my pin to correct yardage mark. Next sight for certain will be a black gold ambush movable sight with 3 pin scope. Sight it in at 20, 30, and 40 and then use the 40 pin as my floater. Good luck to ya!
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I shoot HHA and love it. I suggest HHA to anyone that inquires about getting or upgrading sights. I have an HHA (I forget which model) that has the turn wheel dial for adjusting your yardage. When I first got the sight I used my range finder and marked 20 yards. With the dial set to a low yardage I put a blank tape stripe (provided with purchase) and made a mark when the wheel pin was set to hit the bulls eye on the 20 yard line. Then I moved back to 40 yards and made a mark in the same way. I removed the tape and matched it up to the finished premarked tapes (provided with purchase) and put that finished tape on. Now I was sighted in for 0-60 yards after two steps. Awesome! I is very accurate as well. Later, I changed from Gold Tip Pro arrows (.001) to Victory VAP (a much smaller diameter shaft) and had to change my tape. I repeated the original two steps and put the new finished tape on. The yardage changed dramatically but the finished tape, after the two set up steps, as awesomely accurate out to 60 yards again. Plus with only a single pin sight, it eliminates the "all the pins are on the deer, let it fly" mistake. When you have only one pin to focus on it makes for more accurate shooting. OH, and HHA offers a couple of pin diameter choices. I went with the smallest size available to my area shop. My HHA sight also has an adjustable shroud that covers the fiber optic pin line, you expose more fiber optic for low light and less for bright times so you don't get that "star" glow around your pin. Nice feature. Good luck this season!
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