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Bow Rest and Site Help!?

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Bow Rest and Site Help!?

Old 11-18-2012, 04:15 AM
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Default Bow Rest and Site Help!?

Hey You great forum people.

I'm Looking to get a new bow after this season. I have my Eye on a Mathews or an Elite bow. Not looking for opinions on bows but its Accessories. But i guess if you have an opinion on if one bow from those companies is a better hunting bow than the other fell free to give your opinion.

What Type of Sight and Rest do you all recommend?

I'll give you a little background of how I hunt which may affect what would be best suited for me.

I am 95% a tree stand hunter. I hunt open land(corn and bean fields) and a small area of woods. shots can range from anywhere from 15-50 yard(not that i would take a shot that far unless i was really comfortable at that range) shots. I hunt from a blind only 2 or 3 times a year if i need to. I don't do any stalking and the deer on my property usually come out 15-30 min after morning light and 15-30 min before sun down.

My initial thoughts after reading about sights is a Pendulum sight because I'm a tree stand hunter and that would possible help out having a better angled shot. But I've never used a one pin sight and not totally sold on it.

My sight right now is just some stock Truglo 4 fixed pin sight. I like it ok but would def. like a brighter one or one with a light to light up the fiber optics better.

I DONT think an adjustable sight is the one for me as I don't want to make an adjustment every time the deer moves.

So any help on the sight would be great??

As far as the Rest. I have a whisker biscuit right now and think it does fine. I am leaning towards a drop away of some short as i hear they give better accuracy.

But what is your opinion? Is a drop away the best or are whisker biscuits good? If a drop away is the way to go what do you recommend? The only negatives i usually hear about drop away is the arrow can sometimes fall off the rest before a shot.

Now obviously money plays a part in this so i am not loaded with money but i do want to get a good product. So i guess i am willing to pay 30-70 on a sight and 50-110 on a rest. But i would lean towards less money if i could.

But to be honest I am not a person who takes 5 deer a year or do a lot of shooting in the offseason (except to stay in good form for the hunting season) so i don't need the latest and greatest products .
I am really just looking to get a good setup that will last me the next 10 years!

Thanks for reading this long post and any advice!
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For a sight, I like the TruGlo Extreme 5 pin sight. The optic fibers in this sight remain bright even after legal shooting hours. But they are small enough for pin point aiming out to 70 yds. Out of my Martin Onza 3 my first pin is set at 30 yds. Then 40 - 70 in 10 yd increments. My 30 yd pin is 2" high at 20 yds so I know to aim a bit low. I too hunt out of a treestand and for me this sight is perfect for that and also should I encounter a longer than normal shot.
As for the rest I like the NAP Apache drop away rest. Trophy Ridge makes a similar rest. And for the $60 price tag on the Apache, it won't break you. This rest sets up easily and is built like a tank. Its fast and quiet. And you will shoot you best with a drop away.
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