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bowtech/matthews-which would you pick?

Old 07-12-2003, 08:16 PM
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Default bowtech/matthews-which would you pick?

hello, this is mr. guns, annies husband, this is only about my 2nd or 3rd post. she usually posts for me. i am in need of help. annie posted about this before for me. i am trying to decide upon which bow between the matthews black max and the bowtech black knight. any opinons of any one owning or having shot either-or knowing some one who has either bow would help me in my decision. i hope to go to the bow shop this comming week and want info on both if possible. all help and opinons greatly appreciated. thank you, mr.guns.
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Old 07-12-2003, 08:51 PM
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Default RE: bowtech/matthews-which would you pick?

I don`t think you should get either one of those two!

Man, you only live one state away from me, and as fast as those two bows are, I am in danger up here in SW PA!

Actually, they are both good bows, so I will go with the usual copout. Go shoot both of them, and pick the one you like the best. They both have more speed than I am interested in, but they both are from excellant companies, so you can`t go wrong with either.

Good luck, and tell us which one you pick.
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Old 07-12-2003, 08:59 PM
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Default RE: bowtech/matthews-which would you pick?

Mr. Guns I' ll be happy to try and help.

To me this decision is a pretty easy one and I' ll explain why in detail for you:

First the specs for each bow:

1. Mathews Black Max- 30" /70# = 330+fps with a 5.5" brace height

2. Black Knight Dually (Option 2)- 30" /70# = 342-350 with a 6.75" brace height
(Option 1) - 29" /70# = 342-350fps with a 5.75" brace height.

Ok what does all that mean?
Lets compare the 2 models head to head........With the Black Knight Dually (Option 2) which i would recommend of the 2 Options, you get upwards of 12-18fps higher speeds than the Mathews with 1.25" HIGHER brace height!
With the (Option 1) you now get a 22-28fps speed advantage with a slightly higher by 1/4" ,brace height.

If you don' t already know, the higher the brace height (the distance from the bowstring to the throat of the grip) is a big contributing factor to the shootability and inherent accuracy of a bow.........the higher the brace height, generally the more forgiving the bow is to shoot, especially under hunting situations where bulky clothes and akward angles can be a problem. Most speed bows get their speed by lowering the brace height, which in turn increases the powerstroke, and then in turn makes the bow more critical to shoot

This is the main reason i would never choose a hunting bow with a sub 6" brace height, and I' d consider myself an advanced archer.

Another advantage you' d get with the Bowtech BK Dually is this........the fact that it is shooting higher speeds at the same draw weight will allow you to shoot a lighter poundage and easier drawing bow and STILL get the same or better speeds than the Mathews at a higher draw weight. Neither bow is what I would call " Easy" to draw as they have aggresive draw cycles so the ability to shoot a bow at 60# and get similar performance as the Mathews at 70# is a big plus. That and the extra 1.25" of brace height makes it the obvious choice in my eyes.
The Dually is going to take a little more initial set-up as cam synch is critical initially as the strings completely settle but one they do you can synch them and for the most part they stay dead on.........the quality of strings and cables on the BowTEchs (Stone Mountain Custom strings) are far superior in performance than what Mathews uses (Zebra).
The Mathews string (especially since its a very long single cam string will stretch, and stretch and before you know it you will find your cam out of time and draw length too long....... yes you have to watch your timing on a single cam.

If the bow is going to be primarily a hunting bow let me make one more suggestion to you.
Check out the BowTech Patriot get a slightly shorter ATA length but it is still VERY stable to shoot because of the Pro style riser, but most importantly since you are comparing to the Mathews Black Max, the Patriot Dually has the same or BETTER speed at 332-340fps and almost an 8" brace height!! Think about that.........Same or better performance from a bow with 2.5" higher brace height!

That is exactly my choice for a hunting bow for this year. And remember jsut because these bows will do 330' s doesn' t mean you have to shoot them at that speed, take advantage of that extra power and lean toward a mid weight arrow that will tend to give you a nice blend of speed/trajectory, as well as a quieter shot.
If you have any specific questions about the BowTech bows please feel free to ask.
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Old 07-12-2003, 10:05 PM
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Default RE: bowtech/matthews-which would you pick?

I couldn' t have said it any better The only thing that I could add is that I have two black knights,one for hunting and 3d'

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Default RE: bowtech/matthews-which would you pick?

I was in the same place as you are. I shot Parker, Hoyt, BowTech, and Mathews, at different shops. I to narrowed my search to a Bowtech or Mathews. I choose the Mathews just because it felt better to me.
My wife wanted a Mathews until she shot the BowTech.
Now we have a split household.
I am not being specific on the bows, because I' m sure you have already done your homework.
Regardless of your choice, it was your choice.
Good Luck.....
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Default RE: bowtech/matthews-which would you pick?

To your question about BowTech compared to the Mathews Bow.....I have have no experience with the Mathews Bow but however I have shot the Black Night for the last 2 years and have come to the conclusion that this is the MOST unforgiving bow I have ever shot in my 6 year experience in Archery. I would definetly not recommend this bow to anyone who is not up to the to a professional level. Anything past 25 yard, the grouping is not suitable for any bow hunters standards. I considerv myself a soon coming veteran of this sport having taken 9 deer at various yardages up to 42 yards and numerous hogs which was not shot with the Black Night Bow.

PS... BtPatriot! Intrested in buying another Black Night?
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Default RE: bowtech/matthews-which would you pick?

is it the SB or TB model and IMO I have no problem in the grouping factor all the way out to 60 yds. and I just started to practice out that far. BUt how much are you asking? Email me at [email protected]
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Default RE: bowtech/matthews-which would you pick?

I think the Black Knight is a really nice shooting bow. I was amazed at the speed and KE that thing generates. It even really has a decent brace height and considerring the speed.......pretty darn smooth!!! I' ll own one soon!

Good Luck!
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Old 07-13-2003, 01:07 AM
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Default RE: bowtech/matthews-which would you pick?

I shoot a 02 BKII with the tall brace height. I love it. I guess I would be considered an advanced archer but by no means am I a professional shooter. I can' t shoot groups at 30 yards unless I want to replace a lot of nocks and fletching. I shot a 30 yard robin hood this summer also. My groups open up a bit at 40 and 50 but I can still keep all of them in the vitals on my 3-D target. The bow is capable of shooting far better than I am, accuracy and forgiveness are not a problem.
I was in the same boat as you last year, had it narrowed down to Hoyt, Mathews and Bowtech. Shot them all and like the BT best. I won' t cop out, get the Bowtech, if you want a speed bow there simply is no other choice![]
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Default RE: bowtech/matthews-which would you pick?

I think Matt hit the nail on the head.

I have shot the 03 BK2 tall and almost traded my 03 Pat Dually if I had of taken one more shot I would have traded for sure.

It is one sweet shooting bow and deadly accurate.
But it is hard to beat the brace height of the Pat Dually and the speed and power it puts out.

If you are new to Bow hunting then do as Matt suggested go with the Pat Dually but get the 60lb limbs as the 70lbers are a bear to pull back and besides with what the 60 puts out there is no game animal in Nth America that it wont take.
Plus you will be doing your shoulders a huge favour.
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Quick Reply: bowtech/matthews-which would you pick?

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