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3 bow comparison

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Default 3 bow comparison

First off, I know I will be comparing apples and oranges here, but I wanted to give my opinion of the 3 most recent bows I have owned.I am a bowhunter first, I love to shoot try to always get it 5 days a week at least , but I dont do any target. My setup and my practice are hunting focused. I am not really brand loyal, I have owned or own PSE, Bear, Mathews and Bowtech. but I am going to focus on the Mathews Switchback XT, PSE X-force Dream season GX and Bowtech destroyer 340.In the order I bought themSwitchback XT: I have always been a single cam fan because of the simplicity. This bow chronographed a 417 grn arrow at 279 FPS. 30&quot; draw 69lbs. I dont really care much about draw cycle, and I did not realize at the time, but this bow has one that is butter smooth. Best of all three bows. The shot was quiet, but I always noticed a little vibration, nothing major or that bothered me. It was the quietest of the three or close to it((no scientific test, just to my ear) but had the most vibration. very little hand shock. As far as accuracy goes, I found all three to be close to equal when properly tuned. The factory string was junk. Never stopped creeping, I replaced before deer season ever started. The finish wore very noticibly and quickly. Still, this is my second favorite. I became pretty attached. I still love the idea of a single cam. Did not love the grip.PSE X-force Dream season GX- I wanted to keep my Switchback, but get in on the speed craze, so in february I purchased a new, but last year model x-force. It chronoed a 414 grn arrow at 307 fps- 30&quot; draw 70 lbs. What attracted me to the bow before ever shooting was the price- (last yr model is cheaper,) and the workmanship of the bow. It just felt well built, I loved the tuning marks on the riser and the timing marks on the cam. The bow came with an Americas best bowstring. The draw cycle was VERY aggressive, but the bow was pretty quiet and no vibration. There was a noticiable hand shock upon release but then it was dead. It seemed to be the least accurate of the three, but far from inaccurate. This bow absolutly had the best grip. Not even close. I acctually loved this bow at first but the longer I had it the less I liked it. The draw got old, I could not quite get the groups where I wanted them and the bow seemed very difficult to get into spec. I took it to the shop where I bought it and the tried to put it back in (ATA was off long and BH was at 6 and 13/16. Supposed to be 7. The Guy at the shop, who I always deal with, finally refused to twist it any more because he was afraid to further pre load the limbs. It finally got to be to much and I decided to trade the bow for a reezen. Which I shot and to be breif was not impressed. I also shot the Z7 and AM 32. Both OK not great.Destroyer 340- Out of my price range at 899, until I shot it. At 30'' and 70 lbs it shot a 414 grn arro at 309 fps. The draw is smooth compared to the x-force, by far, but not quite as easy as the XT. It is the second quietest if not the first, and absolutly dead in the hand, no shock at all. The bow is so smooth and shock free that Had I not chronographed it I would not have believed the speed. The grip has grown on me and like it much better than the XT not quite as much as the x force. The in velvet finish seems very durable. The bow tech factory string has not streched at all. I put timing marks on the cams, the bow is perfectly in spec. It tuned easily, but I think it will like a stiffer arrow. Plan to try a 300 spine instead of a 340. To sum it up, I liked this bow so much that I traded both the xforce (ready to get rid of) and the XT (which was hard to part with.). This is the first bowtech I have owned but I am impressed. I expect in the future I will continue to shoot all brands before buying but that wont be anytime soon. This bow seems to be hard to top.Rank: Destroyer, SBXT, Xforce.Just my non brand partial opinions.</p>

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Nice review! Splitting it into a few paragraphs instead of one big wall of text would help the reader, though. I'd like to shoot the 340 someday just to compare it to my Guardian, but I just got the Guardian so my pocketbook says I should probably hold off.
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Thanks, I'm in the market for a new bow I. Will definately take the stuff you have mentioned into consideration.
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