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Gold Tip XT VS Pros

Old 04-09-2008, 06:48 AM
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Default Gold Tip XT VS Pros

I know the adjertised difference but can you guys really tell the difference. I'm shotting XT know but am thinking of switching to pros is it worth it will I be able to see the difference? Thanks
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Old 04-09-2008, 07:58 AM
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Default RE: Gold Tip XT VS Pros

Cut your XT's from both ends evenly to get the desired finished shaft length...........this will get you plenty close if not right there with the Pro specs.
The slop (runout)in carbon shafts is at the end, cut it off and it can significantly improve the overall tolerances.
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Old 04-11-2008, 01:07 AM
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Default RE: Gold Tip XT VS Pros

I used to be a huge gold tip fan, but now that they are made in Mexico I have had my issues with them. It seems like you could test 10 different dozen and get 10 different results/readings. If you don't believe me just check them on a spin tester and weigh them. Sure they try to match them up by the dozen, but if you weigh 3 dozen you get 3 different weight readings. Also it seems like on some arrows (bare shaft)without glue the insert isfit and snug, and on others is sloppy and loose. Again if you don't believe me go to your loal shop and ask to look at some GT's, and ask to slip a insert into a few of the arrows. Anyway climbing off my soap box, I do agree with the above advice, if you take middle of the road XT hunters and cut both ends eliminating runout, then in the end you end up with arrows very close to pro's. Of course if youcut both endsof the pros you have a better arrrow yet. Other than straitness they are the same arrow between the Expedition, XT's and Pro's.
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Old 04-11-2008, 09:29 AM
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Default RE: Gold Tip XT VS Pros

You mentioned Gold Tips are now being produced in Mexico... I believe Victory Archery is the company that used to manufacture GT's shafts for them, and after they parted company are producing and marketing shafts under their own name now... so in essence, if you buy Victory Archery you're getting the same product that was extremely popular for years at a lower price point because of the decreased advertising/marketing costs associated with it.
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Default RE: Gold Tip XT VS Pros

Anyone want to guess what countryVictory's are produced in?

Out of the last 6 dozen GoldTip arrows I've bought I have culled 2 arrows out of those that I wasn't comfortable with due to straightness or weight tolerances. That'sa pretty good rate of consistency in my opinion, and I am yet to see a comparably priced arrow exceed that in terms of consistency. I also strongly feel that they have the best component system on the market right now.

And yes, the Pro's are sorted by weight and bundled accordingly per dozen. Different dozens may weigh differently.They do howeverlabel the different dozens with weight codes to let you know that if your last dozen was 220 grains per shaft, that the next dozen is the same weight so that you don't end up mismatched. You simply keep track of that sticker that comes on the arrows and make sure your next dozen is of the same weight code. This is the same procedure that Easton does with their $300+ X-10's, ACC's, Navigators, and ACE's to make sure people end up with the same weights from dozen to dozen and it works very well.
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