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Default cmere deer

i bought this stuff and i have had no luck with it. i followed the directions and still no reults. has anyone else tried this stuff?
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Default RE: cmere deer

How do you know it has not worked? I Have freinds who have great results.

Uncle Bob
Footprint Productions
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Nontypical Buck
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Default RE: cmere deer

works fine for me!!![8D]
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Default RE: cmere deer

didn't work at all for me. i've heard fellows tell me that on one piece of property they tore everything it touched to shreds, and just a few miles away didn't touch it. heard these stories quite a few times. try it in a diff location also.
aka bucknasty

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Default RE: cmere deer

there was an area i have pics on my trail cam of deer moving through. i put this stuff out and no movement for over a week now. no pics, no signs,it is like it scared the deer out of the area?
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Default RE: cmere deer

Yes, I was actually just typing this email when yours came in, so I pasted it to this reply.
I have been getting more information on these complaints. First of all, I want to send you some product for you to try. I am awaiting a new DVD that [/align]completely displays each way to properly use the product. So when I get that, I will send it along with some product. [/align] Question: The product you purchased.... Did the bottles have a factory safety seal under the cap? The gentleman that you purchased it from... was his[/align]name David Crockett? I ask these questions because of known sabotage to the product. Also a little information concerning GON. It is my understanding [/align]GON has some bad blood with Hank Parker from years back and they have constantlypromoted negative remarks concerning him and C'MERE DEER [/align]since became involved with the product. It is also my understanding that GON has gotten themselves a lot of bad publicity due to "rotten attitudes". [/align]They were banned from the GA Buck A Rama this year by the owner. I am not trying to make this a GON bashing email.... I tell you this to take what you [/align]hear with a grain of salt. For that matter.. take what I say with a grain of salt. [/align] I do know that there has been some tampering with the product. I also know that whoever sold you that product, sold you OLD product at the very least.[/align]If it did not have the seal on it, it is very old and possibly tampered with. The pint is no longer available. I have some, but it is not for sell until proven still good.[/align]
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Default RE: cmere deer

who was that email from ball park?
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Default RE: cmere deer

Cmere deer aint nutin but a sham,all it is is ground up corn. You would think that a company would not sell a product that didnt work.Justy stick to the basics.SCOUT!!!!!!
Let a lil buck go and be a trophy next year.Remember if you dont let him walk,you know he aint gonna make it.
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Default RE: cmere deer

i used deercain black magic a year ago and the next day it was gone. then beggining of augest i put it in front of my talon extreme trail camera and nothing touched it so i moved my camera 100 yards from my house in green bay and got a buck and several does on it.
i hate people with the moto of "If its brown its down."
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Default RE: cmere deer

Who or what is GON?
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